The quickest of the quick takes

--- 1 --- It's taken me years and years but, I finally convinced someone to come with me to a circus class. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present: your boyyyyy! That's a really, really nice looking foot lock, Mr. Josh! (All day long he meant to say, "Cirque du Soleil" when we were... Continue Reading →

What about when you have to wait?

On Sunday, after church and church-y things, I sat around with my brothers and the young, tall priest at my parents’ church and he was like, “Do you guys just want to jam?” because that’s how he talks. So, they began playing. They tried to stick to songs that the small crowd mingling about would... Continue Reading →

Non-judgmental granola bars

On Friday night I went out dancing. And, maybe this was a bad idea. Because on Monday I had to take a sick day and my mom said to me, “This is your own fault, you wore yourself out, I hope you remember this in your future.” And, maybe it was my fault. But, more... Continue Reading →


There are twins in my family—Paul and Christine. And whenever someone says they have twins in their family, or maybe they are a twin themselves, I always say, “Oh! I have twins, too!” But then I back-track and say, “Well, I mean, I have twin siblings.” I don’t want it to sound like I have... Continue Reading →

Stained with salt

One of the hard things for me is expressing negativity. And it’s not that I don’t experience hard times and dark days, because I do. I just have a hard time saying words that express that, or piecing together the phrases that mean, “so, like, today, I can barely remember what hope feels like,” because... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

So I was driving to work-y stuff today, though Detroit, and I came across this dewd strutting proudly across the street like he didn't give a good American darn. When he got to the Boulevard and the light turned red and there was no one behind me I snatched this photo. DETROIT IS SO COOL!!... Continue Reading →

Burger night!

It was burger night and I went and I ate a salad because I'm meat-free and that was my only option, man, plus some sweet potato fries. Prior to being gluten-free I ate fries: never. After being gluten-free--hand 'em over. And then I took this blurry photo and posted it up in here instead of... Continue Reading →


"And it doesn't matter," I said, "but they took away a project that I enjoyed, that I was good at. I mean, all the time I would be told I did a great job, and I felt like I did, too." And I paced some more. He made a noise like, "Oh." It's one of... Continue Reading →

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