We can’t have the “before”

You can't go home again. And things will never be the way they were. Those memories will always remain The ones that painfully birthed you Into a new version of life And, standing there, you feel your fingers reach, Almost without calculated thought, Towards that life you had "before," Elusive, though, because you can't go... Continue Reading →

My Super Sister

When we were little, my father had a plastic milk crate of comic books, leftover from his childhood, which were stashed in a sliding cupboard in the dark, old paneling of the basement. Most of the comic books were about Spiderman and Batman and whoever-else-MAN, but, a few were about a dark-haired Amazon named Diana.... Continue Reading →

A toast

Here's to a summer Like the summer Of the girl I saw A few days back, Making her way downtown (As the song goes). Maybe fourteen years old, She moved slowly down the sidewalk With a friend, both in sandals and yoga pants. They walked with enough determination That I knew there was a destination... Continue Reading →

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