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Public Speaking


Here is a picture of me, sneakily snapped at as Michigan Catholic Young Adult Conference. You should know that I have a wicked cold in this shot, so my nose is so unhappy. 🙂 My purple hair, though? That’s for Lent. 😉

Sometimes churches or faith groups or youth groups ask me to come and share my experience/ the teaching of the church, and I am happy to do so.

Pretty much anything about faith/ saints/ theology is fair game. Note that, while my higher education is in Communications/ public speaking, I don’t have an educational background in theology, only years of experience. But…ask me! If I’m not the right person for you, I can usually recommend someone else.

References available upon request. Donation depends on the size of the group and distance. I’m flexible, but also thorough in my prep, so I appreciate something to offset my time.

Some talks I’ve given include:

  • Confirmation classes (love ’em!)
    • Women’s Retreats and Conferences
    • Youth Conferences
    • Young Adult Retreats
      • Parish Evenings of Reflection
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