On answered prayer

The first thing that you need to know is that priests don't have wives. You probably already knew that. You might have read an emotionally-charged article or two saying this view or that view about the fact. (Aside: it's actually not a set-in-stone kind of teaching. Like, the priests-without-wives thing could actually change one day.... Continue Reading →

A prayer about planning

The hard thing about making a five- or ten-year plan, God, is that: you're much better at imagining than I am. You possess working knowledge of all of the hairs on all of the heads of every human who ever was, is, or ever will be, plus you direct the cosmos--all the stars and planets... Continue Reading →

God still answers prayers, friends.

Years ago, I was dating a super awesome guy (who has since married a really sweet woman). I remember calling him, one day after work, after I had just started working in the city. I told him that I somehow, somehow felt called to Detroit. But, I didn't know how. I remember telling him that... Continue Reading →

Sewer-steam prayer

I don't know if this happens in other cities (and, for all of my travels, I don't remember the phenomenon in other places) but, in Detroit, white smoke-y steam billows from our sewers. When we were kids we made up some elaborate, fictional story about this, and told visiting-kids about dragons in the sewer systems.... Continue Reading →

Tiny blessing prayer

A blessing, sweet Jesus, a blessing I ask your blessing tonight Bless my home and my friends, All assigned odds and ends, That all would turn out alright. A blessing, sweet Jesus, a blessing As I strive to do your will Amidst the questions in my mind And the struggle to be kind I pray... Continue Reading →


TODAY IS THE FEAST OF ST. ANDREW. HE IS TYPICALLY SHOWN WITH A CROSS IN AN "X" SHAPE BECAUSE THAT'S HOW HE WAS CRUCIFIED. (Fun fact. Once, when I was young and in college and working at my college job, a man who was probably one part lonely and one part overly confident about his... Continue Reading →

Advent Sunday #1

I usually sleep straight through the night. This is a grace, I know, And I am thankful for the blessing. To readers with restless legs and insomnia: I'm sorry. But a few night ago I was startled awake. I looked around frantic, Trying to determine what had shocked me alert. Half-awake, I roughly brushed my... Continue Reading →

Abundant Grace

Sometimes I wonder to myself, "How do people even get married?" Weddings seem so bizarrely beautiful. This man and this woman, promising lives and fidelity to each other forever and ever (well, until they die, at least). But how? How do people look at each other and decide this? How do they get to a... Continue Reading →

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