3. Based on true events

I ran into a friend of mine, now-ordained, at an event where we were both volunteering. On the way to our cars, I asked if he would hear my confession, and he said he would, so we paused, in the cold January air, in a salt-stained back parking lot off of a busy road. The... Continue Reading →

There’s been a lot going on

When I drove back from Chicago I called my priest-friend (crying) (bless him) All, "How do I do this?" And "this" meant life in general And he agreed to pray for me "For an hour, if you need it" So we prayed. He asked God to give me patience And I thought that was kind... Continue Reading →

“On Tuesday…”

For reasons of shared-pastor, our priest doesn’t celebrate mass at my small-church on Tuesdays. Usually a substitute priest will celebrate instead, or a deacon, or this one guy who is in the diaconate program. If all else fails, though, I’m asked to cover in a communion service featuring the day’s readings, the already-consecrated Eucharist, and... Continue Reading →


I know this one dude, and sometimes we talk about stuff. Even though he hates hugs or handshakes, he's the type Who sits super close when talking, Presences brushing as he shares/ questions/ converses. Sometimes we talk about spiritual stuff, this dude and I, Because he knows it's important to me, and he has an... Continue Reading →


I have this one friend who is way cooler than me, and way holier and way more popular and way more educated and everything (and older! ahhahaha!). So, I called him last night. I was ready to say, "Yeah, I've got all these things in my life, but I'm not 100% sure what I'm supposed... Continue Reading →

Forever grateful for holy priests

“Can you just remind me about Jesus?” I asked him. I asked because I know he knows Jesus. I know he’s talked to him, heard his words, dropped things and followed. I know he’s deeply familiar with the everlasting love. I know he radiates hope and joy and light, which means he’s given himself away... Continue Reading →

Create or stagnate, little Nell

Oh, hi. It's been a few days, hasn't it? I ride on summertime mercy of too much sunshine and too many beautiful gatherings and the Queen Anne's lace EVERYWHERE this year. Seriously, everywhere. And, by the way, I'm loving it. Can I just ease back into this blog thing? May I write a simple and... Continue Reading →

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