Just to delight us

On Tuesday I drove even deeper downtown for a meeting. I work a few minutes' drive outside of the city center, now. But, anyway, I didn't mind the jaunt. It was sunny. And summer. And I had my windows down and everything smelled and seemed of sunshine and warmth and positivity. And then! Walking into... Continue Reading →

Podcast? Shmaybay?

Justin and Julia came over tonight. WONDER WHY? Because, maybe, there is talk of starting a podcast. Do you like to read my words? Well. You could listen to them out-loud, too, because I kind of talk almost identically to the way I write. Importantly, though, these two have words that are even cooler than... Continue Reading →

Ste. Anne’s Lace

It's a flower both delicate and hearty, Which is fitting for a city like Detroit (Just like our favorite derby girls, Fast flashes of women-on-skates, Bruising themselves and others on a polished ring). I'm always enlivened by the elaborate display Sponsored yearly, in the summer, By the stalky weed-flowers, Clumps of clustered white petals: Queen... Continue Reading →

On Buying Kitchen Aids

I'm not actually buying a KitchenAid. One time, when my parents were newly married, my dad bought something very expensive without talking it over with my mom, and then things got heated I think, and my dad felt guilty, and he bought my mom this really fancy gadget that has a blender and a mixer... Continue Reading →

I remember when…

A favorite blogger of mine, C Jane, linked to a writing prompt today. Eight minutes and the prompt, "I remember when." And I thought to myself, "Well. Why the heck not?" I remember when my mother used to wear a pair of socks that were covered with the silhouettes of animals. What an odd memory.... Continue Reading →

What a marvelous night for a moondance

...or a baseball game. I want to have summer forever. Forever and ever and ever. Warm air forever. Sunlight forever. Can I circulate a petition? We can keep biking, keep hiking, keep having late-nite conversations because the sun doesn't quite set. We can keep wearing summer-clothes and sit outside at restaurants and stuff. We can... Continue Reading →

Hey blog. BACK FOR MOAR.

Hello, world. Have you ever stopped exercising for, like, a week, and then, when you go back, everything is weird and hard and you're sore again because your body is like, "wut?" even though the stuff you did used to be super standard? Because that just happened to me last Friday. At the circus gym.... Continue Reading →

I (co-)wrote something that people performed

So, I've always loved acting. Always. Even when I was little and shy, the stage thrilled me. To me, acting is a gift of love to my audience. Because acting requires vulnerability--one never knows how the audience will respond. Acting takes courage. Acting takes selfless gift and commitment and honor. And, mostly...love. When I act,... Continue Reading →

This play. This is where I have been.

Tonight was opening night, ya'll. And, I'm going to bed. But, enjoy these shots of my folks doing what they do best: being awesome. There's more where these came from, if you go to the dance with me. Also, the final show is tomorrow. Come and love you some ART.

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