Seven lovin’ quick takes

It's Friday. I'll make it snappy. You haven't got all day. Allow me to pass along some things I've been loving. Loving so much, in fact, that I took some pictures. --- 1 --- I know, I know, cliche and hipster. But, this papyrus and that late-afternoon summer sun just spoke to my heart. People... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday | Dress

Things have been hipping and hopping and happening. Namely: all of our city and the neighboring cities have flooded and everyone has been hauling everything out of their basements and disposing of it on the curbsides. It's tough, dirty work. Hard, too, since a lot of things are memory-things, now water-damaged and moldy and taken... Continue Reading →

Fine art at its finest

I woke up this morning and found a great work of art on the kitchen table so I was like, "MOM, WHAT IS THIS?" And she was like, "Oh yeah, your cousin made that for you because she remembered how much you liked the other picture she gave you." This, my friends, is 3-D pop... Continue Reading →

Talk to me about: being single

Whoa Nelly! This one is long. Long and full of stuffs. Sheesh. Take it in stride. Pop some popcorn, get a cold drank, and wait for a long and uneventful afternoon. Or just wait for a fluffy post, I guess. If that's what floats your boat. I've been mulling over things in my mind, reading... Continue Reading →


Hallo. I wrote about pilgrimage for a while there, but never uploaded the photos. And, frankly, I'm still not quite going to...mayhaps tomorrow. I'm behind on too many other random photos. Wanna just play catch up? OK. First of all, (and I can elaborate more later) I usually learn a lot on pilgrimages, too. No... Continue Reading →

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