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Soooo, what’ve we been up to in here??

Why, helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo little neglected corner of the internet! Want to know what’s been hip-hop-happening for me? Well…SURE. I can fill you in. I can tell you about my life. Please, please, pull up a virtual-chair.



I’m planning a trip to see the Pope when he visits Philadelphia this fall. WOO HOOOOOO. Planning these things is equal parts exciting and stressful and terrifying and frustrating. So, yeah, I’ve been riding that emotional roller coaster alllllllll day since I published the information yesterday. We’re filling FAST, over halfway there in 24 hours. But, I’m still answering questions/ voice-mails/ emails.

I think it will be really good, though. Thanks be to God in advance. (Advance. Do you hear me, Fr. Solanus Casey??)

(Interested? More info here).


Over the weekend I did a ton of church-y things (SHOUT OUT TO THE NEWLY-ORDAINED PRIESTS!!!), but Ceebs and I also had a spare hour or so, so we decided to go canoeing.

Only, we ended up in a double-kayak once we arrived. We thought we’d give it a try.

Now, we’re relatively experienced and practiced in a canoe. Not like hey-we-deserve-varsity-letters, but enough to paddle straight and steer a bit and have different speeds and stuff.

NOT SO IN THE DOUBLE-KAYAK. We would veer this way and that way and back again. We kept trying to figure it out, kept trying to maneuver smoother. But, nope.

At one point Christine was like: “Do you see the shore? Are you even aiming for the shore?? Are you steering towards that spot?”
Me: “If you’re asking me if I’m closing my eyes while doing this, I’m not.”

So, yeah. Obviously super talented sea-women.

Oh, and Ceebs took this picture of us:


My whole life people have mistaken us for twins, and I only really understood that inquiry when I saw this photo.

I mean, I know we’re wearing matching clothes and stuff…but we also look so similar. Genetics, WUT.



On Saturday I made healthy, natural food for some people and it was a lovely, nourishing dinner. And then I was exhausted and I went to bed.

And the next morning I woke up knowing I had to clean the kitchen, so I rolled up my sleeves and padded my way to the sink.

And I looked at the dirty dishes and I thought, “Look how wonderful. I made delicious food last night. And I had good friends and good conversation. I’m a lucky woman.”

It was a nice moment. 🙂

(Oh, and don’t worry: I did wash everything.)

(Mom, I posted a picture of the dirty kitchen on the internet, but then I told them I cleaned up, so I think that counts).


I also marched in a parade and watched little children high-five Uncle Sam.

Pretty great stuff.
Pretty great stuff.

There are a few things I easily, easily adore with large percentages of my heart, and parades are one of them. People. Music. Colors. FOR NO GOOD REASON. Really, they don’t make sense. “So, we will take these streets, where people need to drive and travel, and instead we will get all of the kids and put them in matching, stupid uniforms. And then they will play instruments and walk down the street, playing those instruments. People can come and watch and bring their dogs and their children. And we can throw candy at the children.”




I know that that isn’t the greatest picture. But, I left my last meeting for the day and I walked into the summer evening with the cool breeze and this view and I said to myself, “Gosh, I love this city.”

And I do.


What’s new with you guys??

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