40 question FEELINGZ DUMP

Are you reading the online Verily magazine yet? If not--start, yo. 😉 PEER PRESSURE. Lots of good stuff about life and fashion and love. They had this one article with 40 questions to ask yourself about 2015, which I'll be answering here. Why not? Hop in and answer any in the comments, too. I'm going... Continue Reading →

From my backyard

I just stepped inside from my backyard. I was making some new block-prints, on the picnic table, being careful not to get any of the ink on my seersucker skirt. The ink has a certain deep and distinct smell to it. It has a certain feel, too. I roll this little rubber roller-thing back and... Continue Reading →

There’s been a lot going on

When I drove back from Chicago I called my priest-friend (crying) (bless him) All, "How do I do this?" And "this" meant life in general And he agreed to pray for me "For an hour, if you need it" So we prayed. He asked God to give me patience And I thought that was kind... Continue Reading →

Soooo, what’ve we been up to in here??

Why, helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo little neglected corner of the internet! Want to know what's been hip-hop-happening for me? Well...SURE. I can fill you in. I can tell you about my life. Please, please, pull up a virtual-chair. -1- I'm planning a trip to see the Pope when he visits Philadelphia this fall. WOO HOOOOOO. Planning these things... Continue Reading →

Train of thought

I should have brought my camera in today. But, I didn't. And as far as collected thoughts go--you're out of luck TWICE! But, I'll bring you a train of thought comprised of unrelated cars...how does that sound? So, in the summer, my work offers this concept called "flex time" where you have the option of... Continue Reading →

Talk to me about: being single

Whoa Nelly! This one is long. Long and full of stuffs. Sheesh. Take it in stride. Pop some popcorn, get a cold drank, and wait for a long and uneventful afternoon. Or just wait for a fluffy post, I guess. If that's what floats your boat. I've been mulling over things in my mind, reading... Continue Reading →

Highlights from the 4th of July

Full disclosure: I took some cold medicine yesterday. Even though cold medicine comes in packs of two, I usually only take one at a time and leave the other one until I need it later down the line. But yesterday I was like, "You know, I could just be an adult and take them both."... Continue Reading →

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