It’s more complicated than that

"Well," the priest said, "why don't you just purchase two tickets to Spain and show up at his work and say, 'Hey, I bought these, let's be friends again, also, let's walk the Camino like we always said we would.'" And then I laughed at him because life is not a rom com.

On the goodness of God

(Reposting from Facebook, with the promise that I'll update with another post soon!) Do you want to hear a story about the goodness of God? Soooo what had happened was, I am renting a lil cottage in Canada for the weekend, just to do some art and writing. Before I left this morning, I called... Continue Reading →

‘Sup-date on a dinner party

  The great news is that I finished the text end of the application I’ve been working on. 55 pages of fun, people-of-God. 55. Single-spaced. Ask me my favorite new obscure saints because, I’ve got you, fam. The overwhelming news is that: I have now started part two of this process which is: plugging images... Continue Reading →

And runnin’ runnin’

Hello humans, An update on life, my life.   Here's the reality: I'm working on an application for work. It's an important one, maybe the most historically significant bit of work I have ever handled, something that will be given to the Archbishop and to the Bishops of the United States, and then (if I've... Continue Reading →

On the Samaritan

When she told them that He had told her "Everything she had ever done"~ I've always assumed that was all the bad things --five husbands and all-- But, "everything" includes more, does it not? Maybe He also told her all of the beautiful things she had done, All the selfless ways She brightened the world... Continue Reading →

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