More Art. 4ever vulnerable.

I just created an Etsy shop. And it has some scarves that I created. And then I reapplied deodorant because, tbh, it's scary to be like, "Hey, um, world...what do you think about my art?" Because the reality is: maybe the world doesn't like my art. Don't ask me what happens then. Because I don't... Continue Reading →

Synod Report. Part 1.

A few weeks ago, jet-lagged but handling the sitch with grace (and, let's be real: gelato), I was hanging out at the Trevi Fountain in Rome under the night sky surrounded by people and gripping my wallet so as not to be pick-pocketed. A friend of mine was ordained in St. Peter's earlier in the... Continue Reading →

40+ Great Detroit Dates

Does anyone even go on dates anymore or did I basically write this with the 1940's in mind? NO ONE KNOWS. Honestly, though, the rhyming and potential click factor was just way higher than me saying, "40 places I'd recommend in Detroit." To be frank. Reality: people know that I love the city and are... Continue Reading →


Probably this is very uninteresting for most. HOWEVER, I found it fascinating and I'm the one writing so THAT'S EXACTLY WHERE WE ARE. So, a couple of people, over the course of the last week or so, have texted me this podcast. Last week was crazypants, due to multiple holidays of multiple cultures overlapping (Halloween/... Continue Reading →

Do you still believe in me, Lauren?

Because, in true-to-myself fashion, I went to the fabric store yesterday. Just to look. Oh, and there's a dance this weekend. And, while I have a closet full of beautiful dresses, I thought I'd at least look. Just in case. Three yards of shining taffeta-blend later... ..yep. I did it. I bought it. I cut... Continue Reading →


Not that I'm super into the holiday or anything. But. I do have two things I can share. The first is a spooky photo. There is a garden statue in my garden that is of a little girl. Do you notice that, somehow, kids can be super creepy? Anyway. Her arm is broken. It's my... Continue Reading →

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