The most blest among women

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation. In simpler terms: it's the day we celebrate when the angel appeared to Mary and Mary gave her "yes." In even simpler terms: 9 months prior to Christmas. The church knows what's up, even though you might need to ask your mom. All I have to share is... Continue Reading →

St. Joseph is the man

I was going to write a blog post yesterday. March 19, Feast of St. Joseph. I had it outlined in my head, ready to roll. And then when I started my car the RPM gauge started jumping around/ the vehicle was accelerating without my assistance/ weird noises and I made the decision to leave my... Continue Reading →

New kicksssssssssssss

So, I work this job and stuff and I've heard that nurses will share that the seasons of the moon affect the people they work with and HOLY COW TODAY WAS JUST A FULL MOON KINDA DAY, friends. And I was like, "My brain is fried. Perhaps a story will reveal itself for the blog."... Continue Reading →

The twins are older!!

These two, the twins. Today, St. Patrick's Day, they celebrated 25 years on this planet earth. We celebrated with a Star Wars party on Saturday (pictured) and Thai food today. They're really neat-o people, really intense womb-mates. Sto lat, goobers!

Hammering out some ‘takes

--- 1 --- Oh hi, friends! So, I wrote a doozy-post on Wednesday, published and said to Christine, "Well, this is either going to go really well or really poorly." And yesterday, Thursday, I hit most-hits-ever (563, I think), which isn't a lot for the blogging-sphere, but it's a lot for me, so, yeah. Will... Continue Reading →

Retreat recap…in photos!

Bedtime is fast approaching and calling my name! I must work and work fast! Here's a recap of the beautiful, beautiful women I was privileged to spend time with on our Ladies Lenten retreat this past weekend...along with some of the quotes from our speakers. (Sorry to Julia and Maria whose talks I loved but... Continue Reading →

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