What I Wore Wednesday

It has officially been forever since I have done one of these. But!! Over the weekend I was in a parade with a friend's place-of-employment, and a reader (hello, reader!!!) called out to me from the sidewalk, "Helloooo! What did you wear on Wednesday?" ISN'T THAT CRAZY? So, yes. Here we go again. She was... Continue Reading →

Soooo, what’ve we been up to in here??

Why, helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo little neglected corner of the internet! Want to know what's been hip-hop-happening for me? Well...SURE. I can fill you in. I can tell you about my life. Please, please, pull up a virtual-chair. -1- I'm planning a trip to see the Pope when he visits Philadelphia this fall. WOO HOOOOOO. Planning these things... Continue Reading →

Paul is Paul

Yesterday morning. Me, rustling around the kitchen, packing for lunch. Paul doing Paul things. Me: Who is your best friend, Paul? Paul: Mmmmmm....Jesus. Me: Oh. Who is your second-next best friend? Paul: Mmmmmmmmmm...Kiwi. Today he sent me a Snapchat of hanging out in a hammock. THE SCALLYWAG. I was still at work doing hoodrat stuff.... Continue Reading →

Sewing Shenaniganz

Dude. I have a wedding this weekend. But, it's not my wedding. Although, the director of the department did call out to my open-office environment last Friday, "Hey, Nell, when's your wedding again?" All of the heads turned. Me: "Ummm, it's not my wedding. I'm just going to it. To dance and stuff." So, yeah,... Continue Reading →

An urban parable

True story, bro. But, in parable form. Hollah. A road had some buildings. The buildings were stone and cement and concrete, and tightly compact. A wayfarer’s journey brought her to the front stoop of one of the buildings. A woman passed by and saw the wayfarer. “Do you know the man who works here?” The... Continue Reading →


“I didn’t sleep well last night,” I told my mom this morning. And that was a true statement. Usually I sleep soundly and well and that’s a grace and I know it. But, not last night. Last night I tossed and woke up and couldn’t fall sleep and flailed some more. “You know when you... Continue Reading →

More family life family time

What it’s like having siblings in the medical field: On Sunday, in the wee hours, I caught a terrible and relentless virus. (I think? I have no other explanation.) At the sound of my dry heaving (so gross so gross so gross!) illness. Sister: What’s going on? Me: *pant pant pant* I think I’m sick.... Continue Reading →

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