*Cliche saying about family/ memories*

It was my mother's birthday a few weeks ago. We had ice cream and deep dish pizza (her favorite). This past Mother's Day, she remarked as we drove to church, that her mother (my grandmother, Cecelia or, as I knew her, "Grandma D") would sometimes remember the day my mother was released from the hospital.... Continue Reading →

No makeup Sunday

I usually wear mascara, every day. On special occasions I line my eyelid, too, Pulling the lid taut with my finger, Drawing across my lashes. Today, though, preparing for church, I didn't. I left the dark mascara in its neon bottle, The liner I left on the shelf, And I went to church un-decorated, My... Continue Reading →

I wrote a thing

...And it was published by a legit source that a lot of people read and share and stuff. Beginning excerpt: The priest looked up at me. “It’s because you’re prideful,” he said, just like that—straightforward and blunt. His demeanor was friendly, though, and loving, as we sat there in the confessional. It wasn’t really a... Continue Reading →

This 4ever? Pls?

"Why can't it be summer forever?" my mom commented last night. True that. Last night our out-of-state cousins stopped by to eat gyros and drink lemonade and play Dixit until they had to leave. And then Danny and Tommy stopped by, probably our oldest friends since childhood, and Danny said, "Hey, can you do inverted... Continue Reading →

Morning glory

In the early mornings, as I run, I try to stop at every lilac bush, admire, insert my face into the petal-bunches, breathe deeply. Every bush is a work of grandiose glory. The buds on the clumps of dropping fragrance are slowly opening, slowly filling the air around us with the blessed scent of spring.... Continue Reading →

Sprangity Spring

I once saw a meme/ gif/ internet short that flipped through the seasons. The camera was focused on a group of trees, and they underwent spring and summer and fall and winter. I watched it a few times, and then I saw the caption. The caption was like, "Most people only see this around 80... Continue Reading →

The Full and Nothin’ But The

I've been thinking about How they say that Water and oil don't mix. I suppose that that is true, For I studied the property of their densities When I was still in middle school. But, I have also observed how oil and water Pool with each other In the gutter, off the curb, near my... Continue Reading →

This is love

There is an older man who goes to my tiny-church who is a dear friend of mine. Once, when I returned from an international trip, he found me at mass and whispered me a poem about ships on the ocean returning home, too. Once, in the middle of the winter, he gave me a CD... Continue Reading →

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