St. Luke and Colleen

When I sat in mass on the Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist, the priest started mass with a short biography of St. Luke--but it was different from any other St. Luke bio I had ever heard. Most St. Luke biographies outline that this Evangelist wrote the Gospel according to St. Luke (kind of obvious,... Continue Reading →

Salt and light

Most days I wake up all like, "Yes! New day! Time to exercise!" But today I was a bit slower. Winter is coming, it was windy and cold outside. Perhaps one day I will use this bloggy medium to further ponder why people enjoy cold weather (my coworker exclaimed, "Danielle! Living in THE PRESENT!") but, that's... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

Yes, it's Thursday. Here's the thing, though: today is probably the last-ever nice, sunny day of 2012 here in the great north. Therefore! I'm enjoying it and wearing a warm-weather outfit. Sunny weather, I cannot express how much I will miss you. So, people frequently give me clothes. There are two theories behind this fact... Continue Reading →

Stan the (parking lot) man

I switched to Stan's lot because it was cheaper, truthfully. I drive into the city to work, and my car needs to stay somewhere and Stan charged $5 less per month than my previous lot. So, I started parking in Stan's lot. Is it fair to share my first impression? His nose was running in... Continue Reading →

Epic (gluten-free!) Brownies

These brownies! These are the ones that change my life, OK? Maybe not. But, real talk, baking sans-gluten is this battle I'm kind of apprehensive to fight. For one, most gluten-free baking recipes call for multiple kinds of flour and a magical substance known as "xanthan gum" which, when I checked at the grocery store,... Continue Reading →

A D.J. Weekend

My sister called me at work on Friday. We were supposed to go to a corn maze Friday night. But, it was raining and kind of cold, so we were on the fence about going out to a dark and drippy night. Last week was a doozy. I learned of two deaths, one fatal illness... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

THIS TOP! I saw it on the super-clearance rack at T.J.Maxx while I was looking for yoga pants for my new acrobat class (true story!). It was bright, but still professional...and on sale for $5.50. Plus, the tag said it was an extra-small, and what woman doesn't enjoy that kind of assurance? It's a short-sleeve... Continue Reading →

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