A lesson

As the golden sun rose I rode my bike late to church, standing on the pedals for speed and focus. A large truck redirected my normal route so I passed a road I usually don't bike, and noticed a house set back from the street. Large, dark, and the windows were all broken, unusual in... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I feel like God is as far away as the cross on the top of the tower at my church, which is to say: 100 feet away, against the sky, me standing with both feet on the ground. Hello, I cannot fly. But I can sing you a song I once learned, from down... Continue Reading →

There are still flowers

I saw the chicory on the side of the road, growing out of a forgotten/ broken/ rusted corner of Detroit, and I gasped like: I didn't think they'd come back. But they did. Why was I surprised? The faded blue earned through long days of streaming sunlight. Hello, hello. I showed him: look, the chicory... Continue Reading →

End of the saddle-conclusion

More reflections from 2018 ahead! Questions from here Previous answers here and here 26. What awesome new habits did you adopt? I try to pray a rosary on my way into work, and not to listen to trashy radio. Can’t say I’m perfect at this, though. I will say! It is helpful for me to... Continue Reading →

Back in the saddle CONTINUED

More reflections from 2018 ahead! Questions from here Previous answers here 16. What was your biggest disappointment? I went on a reallllll lousy date. Does that count? I had high expectations, but was instead treated like an after-thought. ‘Tis unfortunate but true. Then I re-enacted the aforementioned event to my girlfriends, dramatically, until they laughed... Continue Reading →

Back in the saddle – 2019

Oh, hello. I left off in Chicago. I suppose, in some way, fitting, then, that I should pick this back up on a trip to Chicago. Somehow, solo travel is a bit of a balm. I’m sitting on a Greyhound bus, riding through a snowstorm, deciding, after not one but two naps, and a rosary,... Continue Reading →


I once read an article about this first-time mom who delivered her first child, which is totally awesome and everything. She also packed her going-home bag, which is important, obviously, and in it she packed: her pre-pregnancy jeans. She kind of just expected for things to "go back to normal," you know? Like, okay, baby... Continue Reading →

injured lil nail

Weeks and weeks ago I injured my nail bed. Today, I can't recall what happened--where I was, what I was wearing, the actual nature of the injury--all I have is the flash of pain, a brief memory in my grey matter. But my nail remembers. A week or so the point of pain on the... Continue Reading →

There was a summer party

It was Father Paul's birthday so we made pies: strawberry-and-mango as well as spiced pear with blackberries and cherries. And we sat in his backyard and talked about Spain and immigration and wasn't that lovely?


Pre-question: What are you most known for? Ummmmmm. *thinks* Probably my ability to cook/ dance. But some people don't know about that one (the dancing). 1. If you could have lunch with anyone from a fantasy novel, who would you pick? Animals-only. Also, why that one? Ummmm. Probably the Taggarung from the Red Wall series.... Continue Reading →

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