End of the saddle-conclusion

More reflections from 2018 ahead! Questions from here Previous answers here and here 26. What awesome new habits did you adopt? I try to pray a rosary on my way into work, and not to listen to trashy radio. Can’t say I’m perfect at this, though. I will say! It is helpful for me to... Continue Reading →

Back in the saddle CONTINUED

More reflections from 2018 ahead! Questions from here Previous answers here 16. What was your biggest disappointment? I went on a reallllll lousy date. Does that count? I had high expectations, but was instead treated like an after-thought. ‘Tis unfortunate but true. Then I re-enacted the aforementioned event to my girlfriends, dramatically, until they laughed... Continue Reading →

Back in the saddle – 2019

Oh, hello. I left off in Chicago. I suppose, in some way, fitting, then, that I should pick this back up on a trip to Chicago. Somehow, solo travel is a bit of a balm. I’m sitting on a Greyhound bus, riding through a snowstorm, deciding, after not one but two naps, and a rosary,... Continue Reading →


I once read an article about this first-time mom who delivered her first child, which is totally awesome and everything. She also packed her going-home bag, which is important, obviously, and in it she packed: her pre-pregnancy jeans. She kind of just expected for things to "go back to normal," you know? Like, okay, baby... Continue Reading →

injured lil nail

Weeks and weeks ago I injured my nail bed. Today, I can't recall what happened--where I was, what I was wearing, the actual nature of the injury--all I have is the flash of pain, a brief memory in my grey matter. But my nail remembers. A week or so the point of pain on the... Continue Reading →

There was a summer party

It was Father Paul's birthday so we made pies: strawberry-and-mango as well as spiced pear with blackberries and cherries. And we sat in his backyard and talked about Spain and immigration and wasn't that lovely?


Pre-question: What are you most known for? Ummmmmm. *thinks* Probably my ability to cook/ dance. But some people don't know about that one (the dancing). 1. If you could have lunch with anyone from a fantasy novel, who would you pick? Animals-only. Also, why that one? Ummmm. Probably the Taggarung from the Red Wall series.... Continue Reading →


Friend, I want to join you with deeper compassion, Feel your pain, know your sorrow. But I know that the key to expanding compassion Is to experience more profound suffering, And, if I'm being totally honest, I'm afraid of that. Jesus, Help me to be Brave.

The most blog of posts

Where we at, world? Update on meself, here: Reading Love Poems from God, a series of poems from saints and religious from the traditions of the East and West i.e. we got some Catholic greats in there (looking at you, Francis of Assisi/ Catherine of Sienna/ John of the Cross), but also, sacred voices from... Continue Reading →

Scrawled on a scrap of paper

So often my love means routine and I am not one for routine, generally, nor am I naturally disposed to it. But, here I am, at 6:47 a.m., anyway, God, because I know I can't do any of this without You, as tempting as it might be to try.

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