Plans to do ALL THE THINGS

My spiritual director is a quiet, gentle man. His spirit is opposite mine, I guess, in many ways. About once a month I sit in an office and talk about my prayer life and how I sense God in my stuff and what not. ANYWAY. I have no idea if this is standard spiritual direction... Continue Reading →

Faith. Working in love.

I went to mass on Tuesday, in the evening, in a small chapel with an even smaller congregation. At the beginning of mass there were only three of us. The priest looked at the other two and then at me and offered an apologetic, “I think this is going to be in Spanish tonight.” I... Continue Reading →

One more about Poland

Somehow, being in Poland is a small exercise in returning to my childhood. All of my maternal relatives, the generation of grandparents and great-aunts-and-uncles, elected to speak Polish to each other when they gathered…Thanksgiving, Christmas, Weddings, Baptisms, etc. I remember being a child, remember the process of learning new words and applying them to my... Continue Reading →

Poland, mine very own Poland

Poland 4ever. Poland, Poland, Poland, Poland. I wish that my heart was as good and clean and wholesome and beautiful and lovable and pure as the beautiful country of Poland. As my plane was landing, I laughed to myself. Last month, when I gave a talk on joy (wherein I basically just actually talked about... Continue Reading →

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