The quickest of the quick takes

--- 1 --- It's taken me years and years but, I finally convinced someone to come with me to a circus class. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present: your boyyyyy! That's a really, really nice looking foot lock, Mr. Josh! (All day long he meant to say, "Cirque du Soleil" when we were... Continue Reading →

Seven lovin’ quick takes

It's Friday. I'll make it snappy. You haven't got all day. Allow me to pass along some things I've been loving. Loving so much, in fact, that I took some pictures. --- 1 --- I know, I know, cliche and hipster. But, this papyrus and that late-afternoon summer sun just spoke to my heart. People... Continue Reading →

Nothing in particular

Blogging is interesting. Like, it's a medium for the reader, just like theater is a medium serving the audience. So, I should be providing you with the best I have to offer: stories that make you smile and thoughts that make you stretch and photos that show my world. But what happens when I'm just... Continue Reading →

Hammering out some ‘takes

--- 1 --- Oh hi, friends! So, I wrote a doozy-post on Wednesday, published and said to Christine, "Well, this is either going to go really well or really poorly." And yesterday, Thursday, I hit most-hits-ever (563, I think), which isn't a lot for the blogging-sphere, but it's a lot for me, so, yeah. Will... Continue Reading →

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