Our Lady of Detroit

Been working on some art, fam. Well, this one is some older art, from the summer vacation I took with my cousin, Hanna, on the western side of the state in the dunes and trees and water and beauty of Lake Michigan. Bam: Te gusta? I call her, "Our Lady of Detroit," made originally for... Continue Reading →

Queens. In secondhand dresses.

The women of Detroit are a regal, scrappy bunch. Anywhere else why would reign as Queens CEO's Celebrated leaders of parliament-- Well-loved by nations via Parades on their birthdays and their faces on Postage stamps. We would see them in our newspapers, Pray for them in church. The potential has been sucker-punched away, though, by... Continue Reading →

40+ Great Detroit Dates

Does anyone even go on dates anymore or did I basically write this with the 1940's in mind? NO ONE KNOWS. Honestly, though, the rhyming and potential click factor was just way higher than me saying, "40 places I'd recommend in Detroit." To be frank. Reality: people know that I love the city and are... Continue Reading →

Just to delight us

On Tuesday I drove even deeper downtown for a meeting. I work a few minutes' drive outside of the city center, now. But, anyway, I didn't mind the jaunt. It was sunny. And summer. And I had my windows down and everything smelled and seemed of sunshine and warmth and positivity. And then! Walking into... Continue Reading →

Ste. Anne’s Lace

It's a flower both delicate and hearty, Which is fitting for a city like Detroit (Just like our favorite derby girls, Fast flashes of women-on-skates, Bruising themselves and others on a polished ring). I'm always enlivened by the elaborate display Sponsored yearly, in the summer, By the stalky weed-flowers, Clumps of clustered white petals: Queen... Continue Reading →

Sewer-steam prayer

I don't know if this happens in other cities (and, for all of my travels, I don't remember the phenomenon in other places) but, in Detroit, white smoke-y steam billows from our sewers. When we were kids we made up some elaborate, fictional story about this, and told visiting-kids about dragons in the sewer systems.... Continue Reading →

Advent Wednesday #3

At lunchtime yesterday I went to a church-hall where food was being served to people who have lodging and maybe a change of clothes but not much else. They did have a lot of Christmas cheer though, and they all greeted me warmly. One man asked if I had met his grandchildren yet. I told... Continue Reading →

So this is Monday

There are a few men who permanently sleep on the streets by the church where I work in Detroit. Most of them are at different stages of mental un-soundness; whether they are unstable from birth defect, personal trauma (may it be known--many of the street-folk once served in our military. Disheartening.), substance abuse...or any mixture... Continue Reading →

Nehemiah was cup-bearer to the King.

Sometimes, on some days, I drive my car un-mapped through the city; I weave through Detroit free of any direction except for the basic understanding of north-south-east-west. Yesterday was one of those days. The air was mild, the sky clear, And I drove with my windows down and my arm out-stretched and my hair blowing... Continue Reading →

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