Advent Sunday #1

I usually sleep straight through the night. This is a grace, I know, And I am thankful for the blessing. To readers with restless legs and insomnia: I'm sorry. But a few night ago I was startled awake. I looked around frantic, Trying to determine what had shocked me alert. Half-awake, I roughly brushed my... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday–Skinny jean edition

I got home from work today like, "Should I stay in this skirt? These constricting tights?... ... ... "Naaaaaaaaah." For today is Fanksgiving, a holiday traditionally celebrated on Thanksgiving Eve and my circus socks are on and my colored-skinny jean game is rocking it tonight. I bought this sweater second-hand last weekend. It has a... Continue Reading →

My SIL says

"Lean into the Holy Spirit," she says, over coffee, My sister-in-law of the flawless style. She's the kind of woman who says things and you want to listen-- Because of what? Compassion? Wisdom? A will to hard-love, if necessary? Yes, yes to these and more. Because she buys me gluten-free baked goods sometimes, too. "What... Continue Reading →

Discerning Lake Michigan

They say that the waves on my beloved Lake Michigan reached a height of twenty feet last week--crests of far-flung fresh spray spouting into the grey sky. I love the Great Lakes: their wide expanses of blue touch me every time I travel to see them--I could look at them for hours. Often, on vacation,... Continue Reading →

So this is Monday

There are a few men who permanently sleep on the streets by the church where I work in Detroit. Most of them are at different stages of mental un-soundness; whether they are unstable from birth defect, personal trauma (may it be known--many of the street-folk once served in our military. Disheartening.), substance abuse...or any mixture... Continue Reading →

These beautiful moments

On Thursday, in the remaining moments of my lunch break, I walked up and around the city streets--enjoying the warming sunlight. I turned a corner and I heard music, live music, the kind played by a person looking for change on the corner. This wasn't your standard "play a few recognizable notes, move on to... Continue Reading →

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