Synod Report. Part 3.

I was sitting at a table at the Synod when once of the members mentioned it. Mind you, I had neither vote nor voice at the Synod. Rather, I had a notebook and a couple of pens. I was charged with taking notes at a table. “There is a fallacy in today’s culture that one... Continue Reading →

Synod Report. Part 2

I packed the wrong shoes for the Synod. Oh, don't get me wrong--they were cute and complimented all weekend long. Only, they have a raised heel, and not even that high, but enough to start bothering my feet after the first day on them for hours...and then the second...and then the third. Being on a... Continue Reading →


Every year for the past EIGHT years I have attended a remarkable retreat over New Year's at Marytown. Not this year, though. For reasons outside of of knowledge, said retreat is cancelled. My yearly connection with all that is good and holy, my yearly refocus and refresh and rejuvenation...gone. To say I'm lost is like... Continue Reading →

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