What I Wore Wednesday

It's cold in Michigan these days, very cold and often dark. We've already hit some kind of record (snow? cold? does it matter when the prize isn't worth winning?) and the rest of the week has the high temps somewhere in the single digits. I just finished hiking 30+ miles in the bitter cold over... Continue Reading →

What I Wore on the Wednesday

I had a friend email me these words: "Talk to me about your sense of self." ...because this is the kind of people I know (and don't think I'm not aware of their goodness/ thankful for them--I'm aware. And thankful). So then I just talked about how I'm trying to find balance in the midst... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday | Dress

Things have been hipping and hopping and happening. Namely: all of our city and the neighboring cities have flooded and everyone has been hauling everything out of their basements and disposing of it on the curbsides. It's tough, dirty work. Hard, too, since a lot of things are memory-things, now water-damaged and moldy and taken... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

It's no secret that I love my huge and old Buick...but winter has been hard on it, so this week I've been going to car lots and Craigslist ads and test driving all around the local cities. Oy. The hardest part is that I love my car--he's just, well, had enough. And I need a... Continue Reading →

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