SQT: Quotes edition

Yo, dog. This is where I am right now. Tomorrow is Synod-y stuff for the AOD. After that, I hope to catch the tail-end of a workshop on "Called and Gifted." Also--please pray for a talk I'm supposed to give to some kidlets on chastity/ vocation/ life Sunday night...before a dance lesson. Oh, and it's... Continue Reading →

Christmas Magic | Uno

Subtitled: HOW GOOD, EXCESSIVELY FRAGMENTED THOUGHT Rough outline, because otherwise this makes no sense: Story Other story Things that are cool about Christmas Quote that is neat, but doesn't really tie into anything It still doesn't make sense...but, at least you have an outline. On Monday Julia texted me all, "Should I dress cute or... Continue Reading →

Celebrating people.

Because I love the church and her saints and all of the feast days, guess what? TODAY YOU LEARN MORE. My hero, St. Hildegard. Yesterday was her feast day. I love her first of all because my coworker had a quote of St. Hildegard’s on the wall. I love her secondly because she is a... Continue Reading →

Rummage sale JACKPOTS

Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. 😀 Last week I was all, "I'm going to a rummage sale" and I did and I did SO WELL but I never showed you what I bought and I know that everyone is wondering. Obviously. So, I'll show you. Bam! Bam! Bam bam bam! This is most of the stuff right hur.... Continue Reading →

Four quotes on human interaction

Sometimes you end up in situations where someone is a bit challenging. I'm not talking about, say, dating someone who is abusive. In that case you get out and you get out fast, OK? I'm talking about a study group or a workplace or a classroom setting...something where you're thrown in with a group of... Continue Reading →

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