Her last name was “Happy”

Years ago, when I was in 4-H, there was a woman who would volunteer at the weekend events we would sometimes attend. We would attend maybe once or twice a year--doing our artsy thang in the love that is northern Michigan. This woman was a senior citizen; and she shared a first-name with my mother... Continue Reading →

What I Wore on the Wednesday

I had a friend email me these words: "Talk to me about your sense of self." ...because this is the kind of people I know (and don't think I'm not aware of their goodness/ thankful for them--I'm aware. And thankful). So then I just talked about how I'm trying to find balance in the midst... Continue Reading →

Wearing. What I am.

It's been awhile since I've done this, right? Right. And that's kind of two-fold, the two folds being: The, "hey, I look like this" posts always hit me as a little weird and I've been hardcore volunteering/ Jesus-y things all day on Wednesdays now (crack about Protestant Wednesday-night-service? I will not go there. But I... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

You know what we haven't done in a very long time? Not since over a month ago, actually? A "What I Wore Wednesday." High time or high time? Yes, indeed, high time. Shall we start with the skirt? It kind of pops out and grabs the attention, so that's where we'll start. I bought that... Continue Reading →

Got my throat blessed!

Here's a brief rundown: Monday morning, iced-over car, lingering sniffles, few minutes late for work etc. etc. etc. Blech. And then I got to work and I realized what day it was, so I posted on Christine's wall, "It's your favorite feast day! The feast of St. Blaise!" Smile. This is one of those weird... Continue Reading →

Wednesday. Wearin’ green tights.

Today is Wednesday. Let's chat clothes! See those green tights? I hardcore debated about buying them the week before Thanksgiving. The color seemed a little artistically much. But, hey, I was like, "Holidays. Whatever. I can wear them once and it'll be fine." And now I've been watching the wash cycle and nabbing them as... Continue Reading →

Crinoline update

I owed you this on Monday. I know, I know. Here is where I was Friday morning: Here is where I was Friday evening: SUCCESS. Shout out to the generous and fun-loving Sugardale for the crinoline pattern. It was fun and full of helpful ideas and truly a work of love/ art. (Although, love, you... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I'm wearing a vintage dress I bought at a church rummage sale. The fabric is light and summer; it's covered in outdated-yellow polka dots that are speckled with an occasional teal. I think this dress is fantastic, even though it isn't a perfect fit. The light-weight material is PERFECT for the summer. The flow... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on jumpers. Go.

Hey guys. When I asked about the exposed zipper dilemma of the Frankendress sewing of yore, I received excellent feedback. So, new question: thoughts on jumpers? I'm thinking about making one for an upcoming dance. Here's the thing: I've been very hesitant in the past. Why? Because I was homeschooled. There's a prejudice, I know,... Continue Reading →

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