This is my Camino. Welcome.

What I Wore Wednesday: leopard and plaid. You know it.

What’s my word-of-the-month?

Yes, you’re right, juxtaposition.

Aaaaand, I totally already wore an almost-identical outfit once this month. But, hey, I loved it and it’s going again.
The juxtaposition here is twofold. First: blue and red. Second: leopard and plaid.

Yes. I love me some plaid skirts, harkening back to the Catholic schools I never attended, I guess (otherwise maybe the love affair would have fizzled back in tenth grade?).

And I have a super, duper comfy blue leopard shirt that seems mostly out of place in my hypothetical wardrobe. (I mostly just wear it to the once-in-a-while bachelorette parties). And I was like, “Blue…and…red? Does this match?”

It seemed like it wouldn’t but then, somehow, they did match!

But I decided I should throw in a bit of monochrome, just to keep things tame-ish. So: navy tights and a navy vest. But then I needed some more red. So: a scarf with hints of red and a hippie belt from who-knows-when.

I have cute, cute, navy heels at home for the PARTIES tonight. But, it ain’t that time yet, party people.

Here we go:

My friends riding boots and socks-on-top-of-tights for the frigid wind in this here city.

Keep it real. Party hard, but stay safe, mmmK?

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