One more about Poland

Somehow, being in Poland is a small exercise in returning to my childhood. All of my maternal relatives, the generation of grandparents and great-aunts-and-uncles, elected to speak Polish to each other when they gathered…Thanksgiving, Christmas, Weddings, Baptisms, etc. I remember being a child, remember the process of learning new words and applying them to my... Continue Reading →

On renewing my passport

I need to renew my passport, so I am, because I believe in traveling. I filled out the form and went to get my picture taken at an official place (an urban Walgreens which, upon cross-examination, didn’t carry the hair products I was looking for…mostly the aisle was full of products for thicker, textured hairs... Continue Reading →

Weekend excursion: in photos

Remember that I went away for the weekend? To Indiana? Here are some photos, kidlets! I was visiting my friend Lauren for the weekend. I met Lauren maybe in third grade? Fourth grade? We were definitely Pioneer Girls together at Lauren's church, Pathfinders workin' on our balancing badge, I think? If memory serves, we were... Continue Reading →

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