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What I Wore Wednesday: the most hipster outfit

Literally the most hipster outfit.

I visited Lauren this weekend and she said they don’t really have a huge hipster population just yet. Well, hipsters are strongly settled in Detroit. And, truth to be told, I think hipsters are darling.


The jumper makes this outfit, I bought it a few weeks back at a rummage sale. Today I layered it up with a black turtleneck and black tights. The pink, pink flats are from the same rummage sale. I love their cheerful color and the flower on the toe.

The belt is legit from my parent’s wedding. My mom sewed her bridesmaid’s skirts and they had similar belts to this one. The wedding colors were based off of this belt, actually.

I just asked my mom to clarify details, and she says that she elected for the seperates route to keep things affordable. Not bad. 🙂


My sister and my mother are in the middle of DEEP cleaning the basement and coming across all kinds of things.

Proof of the deep clean: here's yesterday's Barbie shoe sort. BARBIE SHOES.
Proof of the deep clean: here’s yesterday’s Barbie shoe sort. BARBIE SHOES.

One was this sweater which I had a million years ago, but donated to my sister’s boiled-wool-crafts which she apparently never used. She was like, “Hey, this was never boiled.”
And I was like, “I’m cold. Give me that.”

But, after a day of sneezing I put it in the freezer. To be followed by a turn in the dryer. Don’t ask me, the internet seemed to think that would clear it of dust and dust mites and all else.

Want to know about the goober currently squeaking at my feet?

There she is! Kiwi. <3
There she is! Kiwi. <3

Kiwi. She's sneaking around the other wool pieces scattered around our living room.


And she’s being scolded by my mother for trying to sneak into the refrigerator every time someone opens the door.

She knows where her snacks come from, man.

And she's being held by Josh.
And she’s being held by Josh.

Kiwi’s a busy girl.

Like me. Blog post, roasted veggies, young adult mass. And then…writing or hanging out, writing or hanging out? I can’t decide just yet because of how much I want to do BOTH. 🙂

But, I’ll probably keep ya posted.

I’m a blogger. It’s what I DO.

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