Weekend excursion: in photos

Remember that I went away for the weekend? To Indiana? Here are some photos, kidlets! I was visiting my friend Lauren for the weekend. I met Lauren maybe in third grade? Fourth grade? We were definitely Pioneer Girls together at Lauren's church, Pathfinders workin' on our balancing badge, I think? If memory serves, we were... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on jumpers. Go.

Hey guys. When I asked about the exposed zipper dilemma of the Frankendress sewing of yore, I received excellent feedback. So, new question: thoughts on jumpers? I'm thinking about making one for an upcoming dance. Here's the thing: I've been very hesitant in the past. Why? Because I was homeschooled. There's a prejudice, I know,... Continue Reading →

Lauren believes in me

Yesterday I wrote this on my friend Lauren's Facebook wall: Everything written above is true: thought, encouragement, purchase. Done. Facts: I want to make a dress. I have green and black crepe. I need to sew like a maniac if I plan on being successful. I don't mind deadlines, honestly. Plus: Lauren believes in me.... Continue Reading →

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