Livin’ life, taking names

Is it fair to tag this post with a bit of "photography" even though I don't really have photography skills to speak of, I just snap shots of things that I find breathtaking? Like above, for instance, the glare of the water being shaded by the trees, opening up to the jewel-toned leaves in the... Continue Reading →

Dogged insistence on beauty

It started out with this flower. This yellow one right here, growing out of some broken concrete, saturated against the sky. And I was like, I appreciate this flower's dogged insistence on introducing beauty to a broken world. Today I didn't want to be inside for lunch, cramped around my space heater, so I went... Continue Reading →

Create or stagnate, little Nell

Oh, hi. It's been a few days, hasn't it? I ride on summertime mercy of too much sunshine and too many beautiful gatherings and the Queen Anne's lace EVERYWHERE this year. Seriously, everywhere. And, by the way, I'm loving it. Can I just ease back into this blog thing? May I write a simple and... Continue Reading →

Sunday with the church triumphant

This weekend was kind of just me hanging out and catching up on a million chores. Oh, and taking care of the guinea pigs... Guinea pig update: Kiwi is happy that there's another guinea pig because it means less attention for her...she can do little doses of affection, but not the amount we lavished upon... Continue Reading →

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