Train of thought

I should have brought my camera in today. But, I didn’t.

And as far as collected thoughts go–you’re out of luck TWICE! But, I’ll bring you a train of thought comprised of unrelated cars…how does that sound?

  1. So, in the summer, my work offers this concept called “flex time” where you have the option of switching about your hours and enjoying the sun by leaving early on select days. Here’s my argument (unvoiced, mind you, unvoiced): dewd. The winter has so much less sunlight than the summer. Flex time could be offered in the winter, too, because that’s really when people need to be taking advantage of the sunlight.
    Frankly, anyone can stay up until 11 in the summer, but how great would Fridays off in the winter be? So great. And you could get your oil changed in the daylight and whatever. Just a thought.
  2. I heard that it’s negative seven outside right now, with the windchill. That’s really cold, you guys. And my coworker was like, “And tomorrow is going to be even colder,” and I’m not sure how to handle that.
  4. Other idea for the winter: hibernation.
  5. So. I love short hair, but I also love change, and so I’m kind of transitioning into a different, longer cut (or something…) so, in the interim, I’m kind of growing out a bit of my hair.
    And it’s hard.
    And I’m kind of like, “Is this just mind over matter? Or is is actually hard?”

    NO HELP AT ALL on the familial front. This morning I sat down for breakfast (PB&J on toast) across from Paul (PB over Rice Crispies) who was like, “What is that? Your evil villain hair?”
    And so I was like, “Um, yes.”
    And he said, “Oh. OK. Cool.”
    And then we ate our peanut butter on our respective breakfasts.

  6. I tried to get a photo, but all I have is a stationary computer-camera and a mad backlit situation.
    I tried to get a photo, but all I have is a stationary computer-camera and a mad backlit situation. Sry.
  7. I was smitten last year and I’m smitten again…dewd. Layered skirts (here’s my Pinterest board, for good luck). I need to buy so much material and GO. TO. TOWN. (Maybe even UPCYCLED material?????? Do you love it or do you LOVE it?)

    Again, more on Pinterest, but I’ll teaser-trailer with these:

    Gasp! Dat BOW, doe! And the colors. Holy pops of YES.
    Gasp! Dat BOW, doe! And the colors. Holy pops of YES.
    Do you love this button detailing or do you love this button detailing? The way it lends itself to a structured form of movement is ASTOUNDING me right now.
    Do you love this button detailing or do you love this button detailing? The way it lends itself to a structured form of movement is ASTOUNDING me right now.

    Mostly I love the high corset-y thing on this one. And I'm kind of embarrassed to say I'd wear this in a normal setting? KIDDING. I'm not embarrassed. I'm just myself.
    Mostly I love the high corset-y thing on this one. And I’m kind of embarrassed to say I’d wear this in a normal setting? KIDDING. I’m not embarrassed. I’m just myself.
  8. Sometimes I think it would be helpful for me to have a master’s degree. And since my work right now is church-y things, I consider following that route.
    OBLIGATORY. "It's just, I've had a lot of church-y opportunities lately."
    OBLIGATORY. “It’s just, I’ve had a lot of church-y opportunities lately.”

    But, since, I LOVE making clothing, sometimes I play this game where, really, I just go to school for fashion.
    And then I move to New York and I’m all alone and the game isn’t fun anymore.
  9. My saint for the year is SAINT IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA.
    Now, tell me to pull my act together and hammer out a retreat for the people I love the most. MAKE ME DO THIS.
    There will be: silence, awesome learning times, awesome hanging out with friends times. Also hanging out with people who aren’t your friends yet times, probably.
  10. Topics for discussion:
    • Winter hats. Which one is your current favorite one?
    • Literary villains. Which one is worse now that you’ve grown up? (Because mine is the White Witch because now I understand the meaning of always-winter-never-Christmas because of: cold air always! Yipe yipe yipe)
    • Thrifting/ fabric shopping. Yes or no to going shopping with me this weekend?

P.S. I went to Argentine Tango class yesterday and was the most beginning of the beginners, so everyone was like, “Look. at. all. the. things. you. are. doing IMPROPERLY,” but I actually learned a lot and, dewd, how good is pushing yourself???
P.P.S. Reflections on yesterday’s gospel and the New Year…something you want or no?
P.P.P.S. Or whatever.
P.P.P.P.S. I’m making hippie cashew dressing for Caesar salad and mac and cheese tonight…clashing much? For real!

8 thoughts on “Train of thought

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  1. Numbered Lists!

    1. I think we should just work fewer hours. #movetoFrance
    2. #movetoFrance
    3. #movetoFranceandhibernate
    4. You look adorable, and brothers are not to be trusted with hair advice.
    5. Yes. Yes. And yes. Do you know who would appreciate those skirts? People in France.
    6. You know where people appreciate fashion? France.
    7. I’ve made you do it. Mission accomplished.
    8a. Winter Headbands
    8b. Simon Legree from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” or Mrs. Trunchbull from “Matilda”.
    8c. I’m busy, but yes.

    P.S. So. Good.
    P.P.S. “When Jesus saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them,
    for they were like sheep without a shepherd.” How much we still need Him.
    P.P.P.S. Do I want to be filled by Christ? Yes. Definitely.
    P.P.P.P.S. So delicious!
    P.P.P.P.P.S. #movetoFrance #canIvisit

    1. I’m sensing a lot of pro-French sentiment from your comment? Or am I reading too far into this? LOLz.

      DUDE SIMON LEGREE IS AWFUL. I had forgotten.

      Also: push me more, yo.

  2. Winter hat: Purple cable knit one I made a couple winters ago. So warm. So cute.

    Evil Villains: Can we talk about how scary Ghost of Christmas Past looks in Muppet Christmas Carol? I know she’s not a villain, but just super creepy.

  3. And while we’re talking about non-Villains. Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre is the best villain who’s not really a villain. He’s the proto-Edward Cullen. We talk a lot about how awful Twilight is at my work.

    1. So, I never read Twilight since enough people whose opinions I value (wave at the camera, ArtsyWriter) really dislike it. But now I’m wondering about it.
      But, I kind of really despise Mr. Rochester because I think that he’s a total creep and that might have something to do with the fact that a girl in my High School Lit class was SMITTEN and DROOLING over him and I’ve always been like, “Really? Why?”
      For real, though, why??

  4. SAME in college even there were people super into him and I was like okay might want to examine your relationship expectations/ life choices.
    I’ve only read random lines from Twilight. The opening paragraph makes me want to throw things. There’s also a line where someone has “shocking red hair.” Because red hair is scary?

  5. DID YOU KNOW MY SAINT FOR THIS YEAR IS ST. PETER FABER?!?!? He formed the Society of Jesus with Ignatius of Loyola! He was teh first dude to do the Ignatian spiritual exercises!!! WHICH OBVS MEANS WE SHOULD BE SUPER FRIENDS THIS YEAR ;DDD

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