2016 Resolutions

1. I want to use up most if not all of my gift cards. They hang heavy over my head otherwise. I don't use them because gifts make me uncomfortable. GET OVER YOURSELF, NELL. USE THEM. So, yeah...anyone want to go out to dinner? 😀 2. Bird watch. At least once. Sign up for my... Continue Reading →

Feelingz dump ROUND TWO

Yesterday's here. Questions from here. 17. What was your biggest regret? I strive to be a woman of few regrets. However, I did not perform an inspirational interpretive dance with a one Friar Thomas Fetz at the New Year's Eve Talent Show. GIANT, MONSTROUS REGRET. 18. What would you be happy to do all over... Continue Reading →

40 question FEELINGZ DUMP

Are you reading the online Verily magazine yet? If not--start, yo. 😉 PEER PRESSURE. Lots of good stuff about life and fashion and love. They had this one article with 40 questions to ask yourself about 2015, which I'll be answering here. Why not? Hop in and answer any in the comments, too. I'm going... Continue Reading →

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