On Buying Kitchen Aids

I'm not actually buying a KitchenAid. One time, when my parents were newly married, my dad bought something very expensive without talking it over with my mom, and then things got heated I think, and my dad felt guilty, and he bought my mom this really fancy gadget that has a blender and a mixer... Continue Reading →

Abundant Grace

Sometimes I wonder to myself, "How do people even get married?" Weddings seem so bizarrely beautiful. This man and this woman, promising lives and fidelity to each other forever and ever (well, until they die, at least). But how? How do people look at each other and decide this? How do they get to a... Continue Reading →

Talk to me about: being single

Whoa Nelly! This one is long. Long and full of stuffs. Sheesh. Take it in stride. Pop some popcorn, get a cold drank, and wait for a long and uneventful afternoon. Or just wait for a fluffy post, I guess. If that's what floats your boat. I've been mulling over things in my mind, reading... Continue Reading →

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