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Highlights from the 4th of July

Full disclosure: I took some cold medicine yesterday. Even though cold medicine comes in packs of two, I usually only take one at a time and leave the other one until I need it later down the line.

But yesterday I was like, “You know, I could just be an adult and take them both.”

So, I did. And my mind was in a fog all yesterday and I kid you not, I went to bed at 7 p.m. yesterday for a fun and full night’s sleep and I’m not here to apologize for any of it.

So. There was a holiday. Liberty, freedom, the pursuit of happiness. I will say that a personal highlight was getting off of work on Wednesday and hearing “Sit Down, John” from the musical 1776 on my dad’s XM radio. Well played, DJ, well played indeed.

Dad’s car? You bet your boots. I was able to get my car back, though, which I guess is another highlight, then, isn’t it?


I saw family for a lot of times. Let’s count.

  1. Family at the minor-league soccer team where my sister volunteers. (She’d say “works,” but as they don’t pay her, I’ll just be over here calling spades spades, OK?). (The photo above = my bleacher-mates).
  2. Family-time baseball game. Nothing like the good old American tradition of baseball. I took some out-of-towners on a mini Detroit tour. Aw yiss.
  3. Family-time barbeque on Friday, the Fourth of the July.
  4. Hostess, cousin, seester on the Fourth of July.
    Hostess, cousin, seester on the Fourth of July.
  5. Family-time floating-on-tubes down a river on Saturday. (Tradition AWESOME).
  6. I have no recollection of Sunday, but I’m pretty sure I just washed dishes and made soup.

    Actually, I take that back. I also made invites, worked on a dress, mailed mail, and stopped by to pet a cat who needed lovin’ while his owner was away on holiday.

    The cat be like, "Pleeeease rub my furry tummy!" and I was like, "Oh, OK, cat."
    The cat be like, “Pleeeease rub my furry tummy!” and I was like, “Oh, OK, cat.”

Yep. And then my body was like, “How about I come down with a cold?”

And I was like, “NO NO NO NEVER!” which explains why I didn’t play pick-up soccer yesterday.

It also explains why I walked instead of ran this morning for my set-aside 30 minutes of exercise in the a.m. But, I told myself, the important thing is that you start up and hold to your resolutions. So, I’m sticking to that as well.

And the same holds for blog-postin’. These words aren’t as prevelant as they sometimes are but…at least I’m here.

For discussion:
If someone was hosting a Spoken Word Garden Party, should I (a) read something or (b) write something myself? And, if so, suggestions on each, pretty please.

Also for discussion:
Are we still all against exposed zippers? What if it’s not the full-zipper and just the metallic teeth? Then what do you say? *Harkening back to a year-old post here.

Also for discussion:
If I was to run for public office, I think my platform would be, “All summer all the time, please.”
But, there would be no fireworks allowed.

When people judge those who snowbird*, I hold in my words that that’s basically my life-goal.
That or joining a 9-month Mexican circus where I travel the winter months and summer in Michigan in the other months.
Bonus: my Spanish could be infinitely better than its current status.
Other bonus: cute, colorful clothes.
Other bonus: CIRCUS, duh.

*”Snowbird” is the term given to people, usually retirees, who live in Northern states in the summer and in southern states in the winter months.

Still rambling? I’m sorry. Blame yesterday’s double-dose of cold meds.

At least today I remember my middle name.



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