My newest lino

I have several ideas for linoblock cuts. One I've already started, and it's in my room. It's the largest one I've ever done and I started it, got a little scared, and stopped. I knew I wanted to make a different one, too, simpler, and I purchased the block for the simpler one. That, too,... Continue Reading →

Our Lady of Detroit

Been working on some art, fam. Well, this one is some older art, from the summer vacation I took with my cousin, Hanna, on the western side of the state in the dunes and trees and water and beauty of Lake Michigan. Bam: Te gusta? I call her, "Our Lady of Detroit," made originally for... Continue Reading →

More Art. 4ever vulnerable.

I just created an Etsy shop. And it has some scarves that I created. And then I reapplied deodorant because, tbh, it's scary to be like, "Hey, um, world...what do you think about my art?" Because the reality is: maybe the world doesn't like my art. Don't ask me what happens then. Because I don't... Continue Reading →

Art art art

I have ideas swirling in my head for new art projects. And the current black hole of internet that intravenously pumped art back into my heart was Pinterest and other such experiences yesterday. Look at these art forms, yo. I'm loving/ loving/ loving them. First up: Art Nouveau. So beautiful. Everyone who knows things about this--tell... Continue Reading →

There’s been a lot going on

When I drove back from Chicago I called my priest-friend (crying) (bless him) All, "How do I do this?" And "this" meant life in general And he agreed to pray for me "For an hour, if you need it" So we prayed. He asked God to give me patience And I thought that was kind... Continue Reading →

Hooray! You’re a human!

There's a giaaaaaaaaaaaaant art festival a few hours away from my house. And a few weeks ago I pinkie-promised a one Juli-YEAH that I would go. And that's serious business. Two weekends back was the last weekend for the full art show. Have you ever been in a place where you know you should go...but... Continue Reading →

Mind-blowing coloring results

Hello. Approximately one million years ago I posted a picture on my blog and told people that, if they colored it and sent it to me, they would be featured on my blog. Holy guacamole, these are fantastic. Please, enjoy. This is the first time I've included a gallery on the blog. If you click... Continue Reading →

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