A Catechism

Who made us? God made us. God who made the Rocky Mountains and the way grass smells after it has been cut and the way breath turns to curling fog in the cold also made us. He had light dance through prisms and wind rustle through leaves and moss grow on places like roots and... Continue Reading →

Just to delight us

On Tuesday I drove even deeper downtown for a meeting. I work a few minutes' drive outside of the city center, now. But, anyway, I didn't mind the jaunt. It was sunny. And summer. And I had my windows down and everything smelled and seemed of sunshine and warmth and positivity. And then! Walking into... Continue Reading →

Michigan Weather and God

I realized a day or two ago that I'm often tempted to treat God like I treat the Michigan weather...which is to say, "Not all that trustworthy." A few weeks ago, it snowed heavy, heavy snow. Then, a few days later, we had a warm weather spell, which means my heaviest sweaters were retired, and... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter, little chickens!

My family attends the Easter Vigil, a service that starts at sundown and stretches for hours and hours until midnight is passed. We started years ago, when some of my family members became Catholic, because it is that day when adults and children not-still-babies are anointed with oil and water and prayers. But, I digress.... Continue Reading →

His gift to me

Over New Year's I went on my favorite retreat and it was, as it often is, a huge source of grace in my life and heart. One phrase from the retreat has been echoing in my mind these past three months--over and over. There was a "Vocation Panel" one afternoon. I was ready to sit... Continue Reading →

Advent Monday #2

There is a line in an Advent song that sings like, "O Come, O rod of Jesse's stem" And today's reading is about the desert and the parched land and the steppe blooming "with abundant flowers." But I'm just over here like, "Yeah, and I'll bet that those were watered by our collective tears." "Mourning... Continue Reading →

Advent Sunday #1

I usually sleep straight through the night. This is a grace, I know, And I am thankful for the blessing. To readers with restless legs and insomnia: I'm sorry. But a few night ago I was startled awake. I looked around frantic, Trying to determine what had shocked me alert. Half-awake, I roughly brushed my... Continue Reading →

My SIL says

"Lean into the Holy Spirit," she says, over coffee, My sister-in-law of the flawless style. She's the kind of woman who says things and you want to listen-- Because of what? Compassion? Wisdom? A will to hard-love, if necessary? Yes, yes to these and more. Because she buys me gluten-free baked goods sometimes, too. "What... Continue Reading →

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