Camino de Santiago — ye olde tips

So. You want to walk the Camino de Santiago. Enough people have approached me in my personal life about walking this ancient trail through Spain that I eventually made a form email response. "Hello, I'd like to walk the Camino, can you point me in a direction?" Why, yes, I can *forwards email.* But then... Continue Reading →

On discerning

If you and I were both traveling vagabonds, but purposeful, more like pilgrims, but I was maybe older and more accustomed to traveling, and we met each other one night after dinner, over a fire in the back half-room of a hostel that overlooked a spindly but sincere garden, with dying embers and dying voices... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Report

Remember when it was a few months ago and I learned that the retreat I go on EVERY New Years for the past LITERALLY SEVEN OR EIGHT New Years was cancelled this year? I probably told you this. What I didn't tell you is that it threw me into a leetle bit of a tailspin... Continue Reading →

Journey on

The early morning air of these summer days beckons me to adventure, adventure, adventure. It whispers to me about early morning hikes over mountains and through the pines... Or early city-smells on new roads, with fresh cheese and fruit bought from shops where sometimes they speak your language and, sometimes, they don't. And I'm thirsty... Continue Reading →


Two hundred years ago, in 2011, I walked a bit of the Camino de Santiago. Sometimes life has a way of surprising you, you who show up with skeletal "plans" or maybe "visions." Ha. Hahahahaha. Almost a year before I walked the Camino, my brother had sent me a link to the Wikipedia article about... Continue Reading →

On renewing my passport

I need to renew my passport, so I am, because I believe in traveling. I filled out the form and went to get my picture taken at an official place (an urban Walgreens which, upon cross-examination, didn’t carry the hair products I was looking for…mostly the aisle was full of products for thicker, textured hairs... Continue Reading →

Things that are beautiful.

I had a phenomenal literature teacher in high school, the kind whose words stick with me, daily popping into my thought-pattern. This is grace. He was a pastor in Detroit, “pastor” but not “priest,” FYI; but sometimes he would remind me, (sometimes), that his oldest sister was a nun, and one of his earliest memories... Continue Reading →


I have this one friend who is way cooler than me, and way holier and way more popular and way more educated and everything (and older! ahhahaha!). So, I called him last night. I was ready to say, "Yeah, I've got all these things in my life, but I'm not 100% sure what I'm supposed... Continue Reading →

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