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Supposed to be What-I-Wore-Wednesday, I know. But I'm just wearing a million winter clothes in a million layers and my BUSINESS hat because: Valetine-y business in the city! 🙂 We've been having some fun, and here are some photos. First of all, I was looking back in the archives of the ol' blog. This was... Continue Reading →

Wednesday. Wearin’ green tights.

Today is Wednesday. Let's chat clothes! See those green tights? I hardcore debated about buying them the week before Thanksgiving. The color seemed a little artistically much. But, hey, I was like, "Holidays. Whatever. I can wear them once and it'll be fine." And now I've been watching the wash cycle and nabbing them as... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday/ pics around town

I interrupt the have-my-family-answer-questions series to present some What I Wore Wednesday and other photos. First of all, I parked my car next to my dream car this morning! Then, at lunch, I walked around. You know something that has always made me think? Those shirts/ mugs/ swag that are like, "[insert city here] is... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

Yellow, yellow, yellow kick! I think I have yellow on the brain because of the yellow-wool I want to buy. 🙂 Well, find and buy. Ha! I wore yellow shoes yesterday and a yellow shirt today. I figured that grey goes great with yellow, hence the shirt and the tights. The skirt is technically a... Continue Reading →

La la la What I Wore Wednesday

Yeeeah, so these were taken on Tuesday. Bite me, no worries, mate. It was a cute outfit. Actually, super Colleen-centric, which is fitting since it's her MARRIAGE WEEK and all. The skirt she found whilst we were out secondhand shopping and she was like, "I think these are your colors" and I was like, "Oh,... Continue Reading →

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