On my sister’s dreadlocks

Once, when we were little and playing dolls in the basement, my sister softened her voice to the quiet tone reserved for confessionals and told me that she had asked mom if she (my sister) could get her hair sectioned into the tiny braids that are then decorated in pony beads, like the hair of... Continue Reading →

Sides of Love

When I pulled into the driveway yesterday, I noticed that someone had taped a large, long sign Over the picture window in our living room. The sign was in three colors, Congratulating my youngest brother For completing his first day of new training. I greeted him when he came home, tired but happy. He smiled... Continue Reading →

Paul is Paul

Yesterday morning. Me, rustling around the kitchen, packing for lunch. Paul doing Paul things. Me: Who is your best friend, Paul? Paul: Mmmmmm....Jesus. Me: Oh. Who is your second-next best friend? Paul: Mmmmmmmmmm...Kiwi. Today he sent me a Snapchat of hanging out in a hammock. THE SCALLYWAG. I was still at work doing hoodrat stuff.... Continue Reading →

More family life family time

What it’s like having siblings in the medical field: On Sunday, in the wee hours, I caught a terrible and relentless virus. (I think? I have no other explanation.) At the sound of my dry heaving (so gross so gross so gross!) illness. Sister: What’s going on? Me: *pant pant pant* I think I’m sick.... Continue Reading →

Conversations with a real athlete

She's more athletic than I am. It doesn't bother me, though. I accept these facts. (Driving home in the car I learn she was actively recruited for her college women's rugby team...but turned down multiple invites. "I'm not into that.") (Her time was over a minute per mile better than my time. Winner winner, chicken... Continue Reading →


There are twins in my family—Paul and Christine. And whenever someone says they have twins in their family, or maybe they are a twin themselves, I always say, “Oh! I have twins, too!” But then I back-track and say, “Well, I mean, I have twin siblings.” I don’t want it to sound like I have... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

So I was driving to work-y stuff today, though Detroit, and I came across this dewd strutting proudly across the street like he didn't give a good American darn. When he got to the Boulevard and the light turned red and there was no one behind me I snatched this photo. DETROIT IS SO COOL!!... Continue Reading →

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