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What HE Wore Wednesday–guest post by the one and only Caleb!

This is Caleb and he’s a treasure to the world.

Man’s man, family-man, man of the people, Renaissance man and more. Everyone loves him, even puppies.

Plus, he has impeccable style.

Real-life quote from my brother, Paul, after the Snowball, “Caleb told me he liked my shoes and that he was looking for a pair just like them. So I know I’m doing something right!”

Indeed. Without further ado, here’s his post and fashion for the day…

Negative 20 is pretty cold. No one likes being that cold. I mean, yes, you are in it when you are going to and from the car (or you work outside), but inevitably the cold gets through your fur trapper hat, trench coat, scarf, sweater, sweater, t-shirt, and proceeds to taunt you with reckless abandon. I don’t know about you, but I can hack cold legs…arms…ears, sure, but the WORST is getting a face-full of drifting snow and having it somehow triple-deke your scarf and settle around your neck like some sub-zero-choking ghost.

“Wait, who is this guy, and why is he talking weather; this is a style post?? I demand satisfaction!”

Do not fret. Hi, I’m Caleb. One of the many friends of your stylish host and author, Nell.

Alright, back to the weather.

And may I take this time to say a “Hoorah for the Yellow and Blue”… ol’ alma mater saving the poor chilling chilluns from the cold today. Days since snow day = 0. That being said, it’s still -20 for the rest of us venturing off to our daily labors.

No sweat. Style beats cold in a 5-way rock-paper-scissors street fight. Enter the bowtie.

Now, some may be reluctant to go with a bowtie because it is thought of as a laugh-it-off barbershop quartet thing that leaves one looking like a kid. Well, sure. If you get a bunch of huge clown looking things. Proportion is king, my friends. That’s why I’ve opted for a diamond-tie, to scale down the usual Gaudí size of old bowties (just watch an old Dean Martin ‘Roast’). Just look at the effect a properly sized tie had for Sinatra…

I love herringbone patterns; subtle texture that gives a 5th dimension to what you’re wearing. Texture does that. Just click on the “What I Wore” history bar above and see some ladies who know how to rock that style! (shout out to DC and JK… No joke.)


Anyone see Gatsby? Toby Maguire’s awesome herringbone suit? Oh-hyeah: if I ever get rich off of the next prohibition, I’m buying one of those.


So what we’ve got here is a grey diamond herringbone bowtie on grey herringbone straight collar (not English collar, that’s too wide), with a black and grey stripe sweater to link the grey’s with the black shoes and belt. From far away, it looks like a grey on grey ensemble, but zoom in and hey: pattern!


Don’t forget your shiny-ies!

I told you he was awesome. 🙂

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