What I Wore Wednesday

standingYellow, yellow, yellow kick!

I think I have yellow on the brain because of the yellow-wool I want to buy. 🙂 Well, find and buy. Ha! I wore yellow shoes yesterday and a yellow shirt today. I figured that grey goes great with yellow, hence the shirt and the tights. The skirt is technically a summer skirt…but, I think it bridges the seasons nicely, especially since the colors are fall-ish, like falling leaves.

The scarf is a gift from Colleen, and perfect, too, since I tend to get really cold in my drafty office. It’s why I layer so intensely. I think that today was probably much too nice of a day for a scarf…but it’s cold in the office so I don’t really know.

And the clogs are my sister’s, but she rarely wears them, so I decided to pop them on for a bit of color!

Guys, I had so many plans for so many things tonight, but I only accomplished, like 65%. And that included cleaning my room, doing a bunch of laundry, starting a load with bluing, making dinner/ lunch for tomorrow, and designing something for Christine with Photoshop…BUT STILL. Do you write your to-do list with way more than you can accomplish and then get frustrated at yourself?

If not, you can sign up here to take lessons. I’m kind of a pro.

Oh! And I got my hairs cut!
Oh! And I got my hairs cut! (But not today…yesterday).

Since you've been asking (cough. you weren't), here's a sneak peek at the Christine thang.
Since you’ve been asking (cough. you weren’t), here’s a sneak peek at the Christine thang.

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