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Wednesday. Wearin’ green tights.

Today is Wednesday. Let’s chat clothes!

Please note my hat hair. Please.
Please note my hat hair. Please.

See those green tights? I hardcore debated about buying them the week before Thanksgiving. The color seemed a little artistically much. But, hey, I was like, “Holidays. Whatever. I can wear them once and it’ll be fine.”

And now I’ve been watching the wash cycle and nabbing them as soon as they’re clean because I can’t wear them enough. I love their festive, bright color. 🙂

That jumper was made after the grand jumper debate of 2013. A glen plaid, vintage dress pattern I modified to make a jumper. I like it’s shape and the POCKETS I added (even though they’re smaller than they could be. You live and learn).
It looks like I’m wearing a black turtleneck, right? That’s some tricky photography trickery going strong. I’m actually wearing two. Layer and then layer some more is my motto.

Aaaand, of course, boots for now as it’s snowing…but, I plan on changing to lovely pumps later for a Young Adult mass.

Too bad I’ve spilled yogurt on this skirt.

And I’m supposed to be lectoring.

And I dislike changing once I’m already wearing something.

Bring on the wet wipes!

(I think I’ve changed my mind after looking at these photos. At least, I’m conflicted. Those boots kind of work. They may be staying on my feet as opposed to switching to heels. 🙂 It doesn’t take much to convince me to opt for the warmer clothes on days like these!)

La. la. la.
La. la. la.

Oh! And the scarf is a gift from my one and only sister, for reaching older years and having a birthday and stuff. At the time I didn’t have a lot of green and she was like, “You should wear more green. Here’s a scarf I didn’t wrap.”

Presents rock. 🙂

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