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I wore it, but it’s not Wednesday

The road to heck is paved with good intentions.


The road to Hell, Michigan, is paved with asphalt, probably.

Anyway! My good intentions were to post TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY with NO STOPS FOR THIS LOCOMOTIVE but then the good-intentions train was derailed last night when I hung out with one of those supah cool kids where you’re like, “Hmmm, virtual world or the realest world?” and real wins for me all the time.

But, still, good intentions. I’ll post two posts today to make up for the lack yesterday.

I wore! A white eyelet skirt! Gifted to me from my mom’s friend. Full disclosure: I wore it two days in a row! Gasp, but not really, because versitile things are awesome like that. I might have been tempted to wear it again but, the thing about white is that it tends to attract dust and eyelashes and stuff more quickly, so I had to wash it.

The black shirt was a gift to me, but I’ve never really worn it a lot and I think that it’s because the hem actually falls at my hips. Something about that length isn’t the best for me. But, tied up at my waist worked well. So, maybe I’ll just bust out the sewing machine and hem it for good.

Sewing machine is a big temptation these days. I’ve written “SUNDRESS NATION” on my to-do list in big-font, so, we’ll see where that goes. You know I’ll keep you posted. (It didn’t work out so well last summer now, did it?)

Nowwwwwwwwwww what other juicy things could I share with you, internet? Hmmmmm. I’ll make myself create five things.

  1. I just finished a novena to St. Francis Xavier Cabrini. (Non-Papists! That’s code for a nine-day prayer where you prayer-partner with a saint). Things are happening.
  2. Regarding prayer, my sister reminded me of something Sister Laura said at our Lenten retreat, that God speaks to us in ways we’ve known before. So, to every person God speaks in a specific, loving way…and He’ll often use that way again and again. (Talk to me. How does God speak to you?)
  3. Soooo apparently these all became prayer-themed, which, I assure you, was unintentional, but, Father Ryan remarked at retreat how blessed we are to have the many prayer-styles given to us by the saints (special shout out to St. Ignatius…as it was an Ignatian retreat). Father Ryan pointed out that each person’s style of prayer is a gift of beauty to the church that can help everyone else. Maybe one day your style of prayer will help more people know Jesus better! What what!
  4. Sometimes I’m astounded by the amount of pain people carry around with them. And most of the time I’m not sure how to address their wounds. This has no purpose as a point except to share.
  5. JULIA DOESN’T PLAY FAIR. The girl emailed me today to the tune of: “Camping. Hiking. Jesus. Let’s go.”
    AND SHE KNOWS HOW EASILY I GET WANDERLUST. Which is to say: easily. So easily. I stopped by the library after work.
Julia. Look what you made me do.
Julia. Look what you made me do.

(The camping books, I mean. The other books on art and general literary classics are for my personal growth and development).

Anyway! Be good and we’ll chat more soon! Thanks, per the ever and forever, for stopping by this space of place.


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