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Things Christine said today

ChristineYa’ll remember my sister, Christine. She’s pretty dang hilarious in her ultra-blunt way.

While riding our bikes, and I was going a tad bit faster then she wanted:
Christine: “Remind me again–is this some kind of a race? I thought not. Soooo, we can go slower, then.”

Observing the glorious beauty that is a summer evening:
Me: “Wow! Tonight is so beautiful! This would be a great night to sleep outside. It really would. Well…what do you say?”
Christine: “*snort* No.”

My sister: “Hey, dad, I heard [your automotive-employer] recalled a bunch more cars today.”
My dad in a ‘this-is-a-teachable-moment’ voice: “Yes, we call that ‘cleaning the closet’.”
My sister: “Well, I wouldn’t call it marketing, that’s for sure.”

That girl. 🙂

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