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What I Wore Wednesday


I wore cute shoes too, I promise, the ones with the bows on the toes like Snow White. But, this was after a lunch time excursion, so no heels at the moment for me.

Oh would ya look at that: I’m wearing the exact same skirt I wore last time I posted something like this. My bad. You see: we’re in this weird Michigan-season where one day is warm, but the next is cold and today is one of the cold days and I while I don’t mind winter-weight clothing…I can’t put on grey or black or navy again just yet. And so: colorful skirt it was!

The scarf is a vintage one I’ve also worn before, gifted from a coworker. This morning I held it up with another one and asked my mom which matched better, and she said this one…so, I went with that.

What’s going on today? Well, I was just reminded of a young adult mass at a neighborhood parish, and I haven’t gone to mass yet today so I just might stop by. 🙂

Important question: what would you do if you have two million dollars?

Because at the moment I’d buy abandoned buildings in Detroit and renovate them into part living space for young ladies/ part hostel and retreat center space for visitors/ part chapel-space for praying/ part garden space for nature/ part theater space for DUH DRAMA ALL DAY EVERY DAY, ST. VITUS.

As a side note, I’m really, really bad at mixers in Catholic-crowds. Like, I’ll bet you a solid nickel that other Papist young-adults asked themselves that question about the two million dollars and were like, “So, there are these child-slaves in India and I would free them and teach them about dignity, self-respect, ways to be self-sustaining, that Jesus loves them and how to tie their shoes.”

And I’m over here looking ultra-selfish and stuff.

Want to hear stories about my life? I know you do.

Examples of times I’ve failed miserably at young adult icebreakers

These are all very true.

Question: “If you could go on a road-trip with two people, who would you bring?”
Me: “Oh, probably my sister and maybe, like, my cousin or a friend so we could have fun together/ laughter/ photos/ girls time etc.”
Other person: “Well, I know a couple who is having a rough time with their marriage right now, so I’d bring them and give them a break and hopefully kindle some hope and life in their relationship.”
Me: Blank stare.

Question: “So, what’s everyone reading?”
Me: “I just finished One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, about patients in a mental hospital.”
Other person: “I’m reading a story about Thérèse de Lisieux, one of our doctors of the church.”
Me: Blank stare and feelings of insufficiency.

Every time. And I usually volunteer to go first because I’m not afraid, yo and that just back fires.

ANYWAY. I also was in this promo-flyer for work…who knows why they picked me. I didn’t see the flyer for a few weeks, even though people were, like, calling my mom and stuff all, “Yer kid is in a flyer!!11!”

But I finally saw it and YOU GUYS, my eyes are all wonky and stuff in the flyer.

And I think it’s been distributed to, like, five counties.

Oh, good. Good good good. Thank you, sweet humility.

To further the cause for humility, here’s another picture of my eyes doing wonky things and my hair coming in from the rain.


So, yeah. Maybe tonight I’ll go to a mixer and say stupid things…but, I’m OK with that and I’m OK with wonky eyes and I’m OK with wearing the same skirt twice in a row because, honestly, life is more than worrying about little things. Life is about loving and laughing and being there for others…even if that means making them look cool because your icebreaker answers are insufficient.

P.S. I misspelled “Lisieux” and the computer tried to auto-correct to “bisexual” which just propelled me into a new plane of irreverence, I think. Ummmm. Oops.

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