This play. This is where I have been.

Tonight was opening night, ya'll. And, I'm going to bed. But, enjoy these shots of my folks doing what they do best: being awesome. There's more where these came from, if you go to the dance with me. Also, the final show is tomorrow. Come and love you some ART.

P.S. Play information

Hi. I'm in the middle of a series on the summer of racial tension that is 1967 2016, but for this post I'm going to give it a rest for a hot-second because I'm also in the middle of (1) a huge lot of work-stuff (Ste. Anne novena whaaaaaat, holler if you need prayers, because... Continue Reading →

Working on a Play

Things I need to do this weekend: 1. Edit 2 spoken word pieces 2. Plan a set design with my brother 3. Go shopping/ scrounging for props 4. Find 2 new actresses for a few who can no longer participate 5. Plan a week of rehearsals Things I have delegated to other people: 1. Reserving... Continue Reading →

Life update: play now cast

Here's the beautiful thing about summer: every day is like a million days in one. And the sunlight gives me energy to go and go and go, and so I do a million things, barely stopping to eat sometimes. (Other times I eat a lot, though). I feel like I haven't updated in a million... Continue Reading →

There is going to be a play

My mom said, just now, "Good night." And I said, "I'm going to bed, too, just after I write something." And she sighed and said, "Don't burn yourself out." And that's kind of a goal of mine, too, even though I also want to do EVERYTHING EVER. There's a million thangs I've haven't done...but just... Continue Reading →


HI HI HI HIHIHI!! Sorry for neglecting the blahg for a few days. I was busy...making a PLAY IN A DAY! Wanna see approx. nine photos? Of course you do! (Or, if you don't, you can just open a new tab and browse more internet, assuredly!) And I'll share my feelings at each moment, too.... Continue Reading →

A Day of Play…in May.

Self-promote? Who? Me? On my own blog? Never. Cough. But! In YOUR interest, here's something really, really cool which you should think about: Play in a Day. What, what, what is this insanity, you ask? Basically, I've invited some of the most disgustingly-talented people I know to gather. I'm just going to throw them together... Continue Reading →

Saturday in Stratford!

Yaaaay yay yay! Saturday in Stratford! We started out in the morning and didn't return until 2 a.m. the next night...but it was super fun. We saw two plays, both purchased because there was an online deal, although I was actually interested in seeing Measure for Measure. So we saw Measure for Measure, a Shakespeare... Continue Reading →

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