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What I Wore on the Wednesday


I had a friend email me these words: “Talk to me about your sense of self.”

…because this is the kind of people I know (and don’t think I’m not aware of their goodness/ thankful for them–I’m aware. And thankful).

So then I just talked about how I’m trying to find balance in the midst of seasons of transition–both literally and figuratively.

Everyone says that this winter will be worse than the last. What does that even mean?

Does it mean the snow will start sooner? (I saw flakes today.)
Does it mean the temps will drop lower? (I’m already wearing my layers, loud and proud.)
Does it mean the snowfall will be even deeper? (Don’t think I didn’t think this one through before buying my car.)

I don’t know what makes it “worse,” so basically I’m trying to prepare well. So: transition to colder weather/ darker days literally, but transition to busier schedules because of things like classes and transition to it being more of a challenge to gather friends together, tougher to get motivated to go running when it’s cold, etc.

Life is like this, these constant changes, and I’m OK with that.

And I’m wearing a wool skirt which fastens high, at my natural waist, like most vintage skirts do. Wool because of the warmth, the vibrant colors, the weight, and the cute cut.

So. Talk to me about your sense of self.

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