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Thoughts on jumpers. Go.

Vintage pattern!
Vintage pattern!
Hey guys.

When I asked about the exposed zipper dilemma of the Frankendress sewing of yore, I received excellent feedback.

So, new question: thoughts on jumpers?

I’m thinking about making one for an upcoming dance.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been very hesitant in the past.

Why? Because I was homeschooled. There’s a prejudice, I know, about homeschoolers and how they (“we”?) are “anti-social” (baHA!) or “poorly socialized.” There’s also this picture that comes to mind of women who don’t cut their hair and wear long jumpers with tennis shoes.

Lauren T. knows that one of my greatest fears is that I will end up wearing shapeless denim jumpers. She assures me she will do whatever she needs to prevent this.
Lauren T. knows that one of my greatest fears is that I will end up wearing shapeless denim jumpers. She assures me she will prevent this.
May it be known: if someone wants to wear a long jumper with tennis shoes, I have no problem with that life decision. It’s your life.

That being said, I’m not going down that path. And I believe I’ve done a decent job at avoiding it. (For one, my hair hasn’t been long since middle school.)

And then, last year, I saw a girl ROCK a jumper at a New Years’ party. Yes, you heard that right. It looked like a wool-plaid, with a beaded piece inserted near the neckline.

I said to my sister, “Is that girl rocking a JUMPER??”

And it was confirmed that, yes, she was.

Since then I have been turning over the possibility of making a CUTE jumper in my mind. I even emailed Lauren about it once.

(For the record: Lauren cautioned against the homeschooler-look).

But, I’m still undecided. Therefore: I shall post pictures of vintage jumper patterns and share thoughts.

I love the neckline/ skirt/ pockets on this one!
I love the neckline/ skirt/ pockets on this one!

Thought one: it’s winter. Therefore: colder. Therefore: layers. So, #yay for jumper.

Thought two: I’ve made more formal dresses in the past, and I’ve loved them…but I rarely rewear them. (Let’s be real, over the course of a year, to how many balls is one invited?) I love my dresses, I think they’re beautiful…and I don’t wear them. Maybe a more-casual jumper would be better because I could dress it up for dances, dress it down for work. #Yay for jumpers.

Thought three
: Maybe a little school-girly. #Meh.

Thought four: It would need to have a spinny skirt. Cleary. Probably pockets and detailing, too. #yay

Thought five: Have you ever seen anyone rock a jumper? I think I’ve seen two people. These odds are not so good. #meh

Pretty sure I own this pattern.
Pretty sure I own this pattern.

Thought six
: I need to go home and check my patterns and stash o’ material. Clearly. I’m thinking maybe a light wool. Or a polyester-blend.

Please, please tell me what you’re thinking!

Does “jumper” earn a yay or a meh?

In other news: I’m Seashell Nell and the things I seem to sew the most are vintage fifties patterns.

To quote Julia: “It’s who I am.”

Oh! And I love you.


Thanks for helping me out. <3

9 thoughts on “Thoughts on jumpers. Go.

  1. I think that you can rock anything that you want. I will admit, though, that while I approve of flattering, shapely jumpers, I don’t think that I approve of the exterior pockets on the plaid one. You rocked it with the frankendress, but I think that the jumper needs sophistication added – bling, perhaps? Also, I think that I like the a-line skirt best.

  2. 1. I love that I now have a catch phrase. I love catch phrases.
    2. Yes to A-line. Love me some A-line.
    3. If you hem it at or around your knee, you will avoid the ~home-schooled look~
    4. Jumpers allow for the inclusion of peter pan collars. Aka plus.

    I say yes yes yes! I also want to make a jumper in the summertime. I’ve got ideas. πŸ˜€

  3. I am in love with the blue one in the last pattern. Looks like Belle from Beauty in the Beast! I personally would pick a nice solid color. Plaid has the potential to be awkward.
    Also hidden slit pockets on the side would be tastefully elegant and only you know they are there.
    I have done a quasi jumper look before by wearing a blouse under a sleeveless dress for a teachery look or for when I had to dress up as Belle for a Disney occasion.
    But otherwise do what you want gurl!

    Also I’m pretty sure Julie Andrews wore something jumpery in The Sound of Music, and you remind me of her so I think you can rock it just as well.

    1. I approve of everything this comment has to say! And, you’re right, that pattern is really nice. I went home and looked at mine again…turns out I merely have a SIMILAR pattern, but it’s for a dress so it has sleeves (and, for the record, a Peter Pan collar). But, come on, I can alter so it’s a jumper…easy! πŸ˜€

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