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What I Wore Wednesday

You know what we haven’t done in a very long time?


Not since over a month ago, actually?

A “What I Wore Wednesday.” High time or high time? Yes, indeed, high time.


Shall we start with the skirt? It kind of pops out and grabs the attention, so that’s where we’ll start.

I bought that in the winter time, when summer was like a faint dream and it was way too cold and way too snowy to be picking silk off of the store hanger, but I grabbed it and I bought it in what seemed to be a rash decision: the promise of color in a cold, cold winter.

I wore it once, for Pentecost, because it was so fitting for the liturgical season. And I eyed it in my closet this time around and thought, “Should I wear that? Well, nah, it might be a little much.”

But then I was like, “Too much for what? This is my life.” So, I took it out, paired it with brown (brown will forever rank before black for me), and we were in business.

The length is longer than I usually prefer, but with the cut and the color it reminds me of a vintage skirt, and that’s kind of my weakness anyway, sooooo here we are.


My love for lady-blazers has been documented already, so I know I don’t need to venture there. While my wool one is a winter-staple, this short-sleeved one makes its way around in the summer. I love its fit and its subtle plaid and its feminine-but-professional double ruffle along the bottom. Love!

And the pumps are close to nude, but cooler, since they’re made of cork and not leather…just adding the subtlest of pops to the feet.


The scarf is the coolest–a gift to me from Kathryn. It’s a silky white with black, block letters spelling out Detroit’s bus lines and their correlating numbers. I think I wear it way more than is socially acceptable. Like, if I were an Anime character who never changed my clothes, I would be pictured with that scarf.

Summer forever!

(And I need a haircut 🙂 ).

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