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Wearing. What I am.


It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, right? Right. And that’s kind of two-fold, the two folds being:

  1. The, “hey, I look like this” posts always hit me as a little weird and
  2. I’ve been hardcore volunteering/ Jesus-y things all day on Wednesdays now (crack about Protestant Wednesday-night-service? I will not go there. But I almost did) and by the time I’m home, computer is the last thing I’m feeling and bed is the first.

But! To counteract these points:

  1. I always like when other bloggers do them and
  2. Why not just try for a Thursday, right?


So. Today let’s talk about: clothes. Let’s talk about how this has been a weird transition from summer to fall. Usually I’m just like, “Hey, why don’t I ignore the fact that it’s colder out and continue to wear sandals?”

But, not this year. I’m going to winter so well this year. I’m going to wear all of the winter clothes.

Except…I can’t bring myself to do it. So instead I’m just layering like mad–mixing winter-y clothes and summer-y clothes together.


Summer clothes? How about those SHOES? Do you want to know something funny? People will say to me every once in a while: “Hey, look at these shoes, they’re your style.” And, while I don’t even know my own style…they’re usually right! My cousin found these first, said, “Hey, these look like Nell shoes,” and then, after some thought, I bought them. And, by the way, I love them. Yellow! Wedges!

The brown skirt is a pencil. I didn’t own one until I walked the Camino for ze first time and, while hiking, Anne said, “You’d look good in a pencil skirt” and I was like, “You think?” and she was like, “Oh, definitely.”
And, I wasn’t sure I believed her, but, I found this brown pencil skirt (Nine West!) while thrifting shortly after returning to the States, and I thought to myself, “Could I pull this off?” and then countered with, “I think so. I mean, Anne said I could.”

I think that that shirt is from my late grandmother. If I remember the story correctly, I was at a church rummage sale, and I found it, but wasn’t sure I liked it.
So, I showed it to my mom all, “What do you think about this, mom?”
And she was like, “Funny. I picked that out, but I wasn’t sure you’d like it, so I didn’t buy it.”
Wherein I replied, “Yeah, I’m not sure I’ll like it, either.”
And then, days later, my grandma stopped by the house all, “I found this shirt at a church rummage sale, and I wasn’t sure if you’d like it, but I bought it anyway.”
Throwback to my ancestorial past, what with that embroidery on the sleeves. Funny thing about the shirt: it buttons in the back. 🙂


Want to talk about how I’ve been pretending for the past few days that I own a clothing line? Basically I need to revamp my winter wardrobe (so many things died after last winter), so I’ve been poking around shops and internets for things I’d love.

If I had a clothing line, though, fur would be in this year. I’m loving fur (even faux!) And so would embroidery and full skirts and pockets.

So, I guess what I’m saying is: I’m slightly predictable. 🙂 But, if I had a clothing line, ya’lls and I could be TWINS. (And we’d look dang good doing it).

Anyway! It’s time to wrap up. Cheers to: embroidery, thrifting, and yellow shoes.

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