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SQT: Quotes edition


Yo, dog.

This is where I am right now. Tomorrow is Synod-y stuff for the AOD. After that, I hope to catch the tail-end of a workshop on “Called and Gifted.” Also–please pray for a talk I’m supposed to give to some kidlets on chastity/ vocation/ life Sunday night…before a dance lesson. Oh, and it’s Tech Week at the theater. Holler at full days and sleep nights.

Anyway, in preparing for this talk and stuff, some quotes, both brand-new and old-favorites, have been wiggling over and over in my brain. So, here. Here are some Pinterest-style Word Artz for you crazy kids about some things that I’ve been loving.

Is it weird to have this much love for wordcraft? Maybe. But, here it is, just the same.

(Also, I used to make these word-artz for my job, but I don’t anymore. And I wanted to make these. For funzies.)


“Go to bed, Nell, you’re staying up too late.”

-My mom.



I was talking to a friend earlier in the week, and I referenced one of my favorite Bible-stories and one of my favorite Bible-prayers and that is: Tobit and the prayer of the newlyweds before they go to bed.

Just to explain it: in the story (P.S. this is only in Catholic Bibles, which is too bad) these two kids find love and each other and get married and, before their first night as man-and-wife, the husband prays this prayer. FYI, this prayer is often read at Catholic wedding masses. I’ve often heard the line translated like this: “I take this woman, not for lust, but for a noble purpose.”

But, rereading it in my Bible’s translation said: “…not for lust, but for fidelity.”

And I really liked that translation. “Fidelity” or faithfulness/ loyalty is a gift you give to someone else. Lust, though, is a way you abuse a different person.

So the prayer was kind of like, “Not for myself, but as a gift to you,” and I thought that that was really beautiful.



I first heard this when I was in high school. This was a gift to us from St. John Paul II, then the current Pope.

It’s such a long quote, isn’t is? But, I have parts of it memorized, nonetheless.

Sometimes, when things are going rough, I begin to whisper to myself, “It is Jesus you seek when you dream of happiness…” and the words are both grounding and comforting.





This came out a few years ago, and quickly became one of my favorite prayers. It’s so honest and deep but, somehow, familiar and to-the-point. Gash. So good.

This is taken from the final lines of a novena I’m praying.

Side note: here’s the thing about prayers-written-by-other-people, often, they’ll put words in an order you would never think to use but, once you read them you’re like, “Ooooooh. That’s beautiful. I’m glad that I have that.”

Anyway, I love the, “Everything that is useful to them in the plan of God.”

So good. Because, we don’t know the will of God quite, do we? And, so, in praying, I dig the clarification. 😉



Sometimes I tear pages out of my Magnificats. Magnficat is this little prayer-book that you can subscribe to, and it comes in the mail every month, and it has the mass readings and the day’s prayers inside. It also has quotes and inspirational stories from saints and stuff.

Anyway, I tore this prayer out months ago. It’s actually from a letter. I really like it, though, because I kind of have a devotion to the wounds of Christ so yeaaaah. The tender wounds of Christ. <3 My place.

Image sources:
Pope Francis
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